Just love nails inc freebies.

for the blog 001

This is just a small and quick post telling you all about this month’s freebie in the Marie Claire magazine, this month it has one of my favourite nail polish brands NAILS INC in full size and available in 4 different shades, they are normally priced at … wait for it £11 each but by buying the magazine at just £3.99 your saving yourself tons on 4 designer polishes in some very ‘in’ shades. Now it’s not only Marie Claire that has good freebies if you keep your eyes opened other magazines such as Elle and cosmopolitan priced at around £2 also have full sized designer polishes such as NAILS INC and Ciate out at different times in the year and normally with at least 3 different shades available. This is a good way to get a good designer polish collection going. How do you know they do this? Well I know all this because I always snap them up when there out and in every shade I just give the other magazines away and keep the nail polish it’s good to get them as they cost so much and are some of the best polishes out there. So why not get them to add to the collection saving yourself money and trying a high end brand.

I also buy these magazines when they have the travel sized benefit cosmetics products in, again it’s a good way to try high end products if you have never heard of it or for like how I use the freebies and to keep for when you go on trips or run out of the full sized if you already like the product. Again this is a good way to try a new high end brand without the full cost.



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