Travelling the world one flight at a time. |Travel Thursdays|

Travelling the world one flight at a time. welcome to my first post of Travel Thursdays every Thursday i will be doing a post related to travel, from my experiences to ideas and any trip i do in-between planning my next big trip.

Where ive been in the world.

where ive been in USA.

One thing I am thinking of doing to add some travel aspects to this blog is doing several blog posts about my experience and tips from past trips and adventures, like the throw back Thursday picture thing but by blog post and about travel. I am in no way a travel expert but I have done quite a bit of it and on my own so I do have a few stories’s to share and great advise about trips, where to stay, who to book with all that good stuff that you need to know when planning a trip.

Whilst making this new blog I was looking back at my old ones and realised that I love all my travel posts I did on my travel blog and no one on this blog will get to see them. They were not so daily blog posts for 2 months of my travelling with diary style posts telling you just how I felt and what I’d done that day along with tip and ideas for the places I was at, even some reviews. Now there were over 50posts so I can’t just re post them on this blog and I am trying to think of a way to get all that information to you guys from this blog alone but until I do if you would like to check out my travel blog please feel free to do so here: I will not be shutting it down!

Any time I do anything travel related from now on will be posted on hear with all info and pictures just like I did on my old blog. And I do have a few trips and things going off this year so keep an eye out !!!



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