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My Experience travelling

So I’ve been asked by a lot of people how it was and if I enjoyed travelling and asking me all things about it including some loyal followers and friends on my YouTube so I’ve done a video telling you all about my trip but I do go on a bit so just to make it more structured I’ve done this post so the questions and answers are more formal.

Where did I go?

Dubai – Thailand (all over) – Cambodia – Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) – Australia (Sydney) – Fiji – U.S.A (LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco) – Home.

What was my favourite and would I go back?

Trying to pick my favourite is so hard because they were all amazing for different reasons. The only place I wouldn’t be rushing to go back to is Cambodia but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it I just feel I did all I wanted to do there seeing Angkor Watt, I feel the same with Thailand in a way I’ve seen Bangkok so I wouldn’t go back there but I would go back to see the areas I haven’t got to see such as Phuket and the Pi Pi Islands. My expectations for Australia weren’t good but I loved it and it made me want to check out much more of the country. So apart from the ones stated the answer is yes I would go back and I so want to get married in Vegas it was just that good.

Who did I book with?

I Booked the whole round the world ticket and the majority of my trips with STA Travel, I had heard about this company a long time before I even thought about booking my trip and had looked in to it so when it come to booking it I knew I wanted to use them as they were the best and cheapest I found, they have shops all over in major city’s but also have everything online. The travel advisor I had went above and beyond to help me plan my trip by suggesting trip ideas, places to visit and places to stay and not all about the hard sell she all so tailor-made my trip to suit and fit my time schedule at the store on my first visit to get things rolling. I could then sort everything over email and this was perfect for me after my initial visit to the shop that was a bit of a distance away.  I would highly recommend STA Travel to book your trip and activities as they always have offers and discounts available.

Other sites I used to book things were for any other flight I wanted as extras e.g. getting from LA to Las Vegas, you can easily find the very cheapest on here. And to book hotels I used I loved this and again will be using all the websites and companies on my next trip.

What was the style of travel?

There are 3 main style of travelling Solo, Groups and with friends I was lucky enough to try all 3 on my first time travelling. I booked the trip knowing I would be a solo female traveller as I was on my own and hadn’t booked the trip with anyone, two of my friends had also booked a trip at the same time so when sorting my travel plans I knew I would get to meet up with them and do things with friends I then booked a group trip in Thailand, so I easily managed doing all 3 and for me I enjoyed each style for its own reasons and I would do any style again I wouldn’t be scared to book on my own again, but I am looking to book a longer group trip next time I go travelling and obviously I wouldn’t turn down any friend wanting to go with me or meet up.

Solo travel

This is good to build confidence in yourself a you have to sort and do everything as well as being on your own the best bit is you get to see and do whatever you want having to listen to no one else’s trip or activity ideas. The only downfall is you are on your own you will get lonely and feel down some times but it’s all worth it at the end.

Group travel

This is good if you’re on your own but you prefer company you get to meet lots of new people in the same boat as you are and you make friend’s extraordinarily quick it’s also good to save money and see or do things you may not get to see or do if you were on your own.

With friends

You will have to all compromise on the things you want to see and do but you have your home comfort with you this means less stressing when things go wrong and you already know your friends, if you really get along you will get all your travelling done creating amazing memories with your friends for life but if you fall out things could start to go bad.



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