Travel Diary’s |Arriving in Thailand Day 1|

Travelling to Thailand 

Ok so there isn’t much to say about what I did today other than it felt like all day of travelling! Decided to save money and carry all my bags to the metro and even at 6am the heat was horrendous and then get the metro to the airport this is a lot cheaper if you are near a metro it cos me 4 AED and taxi there cost me 52 AED so a big saving. And then I was delayed on the plain again an hour late good job I had no connecting flights but I managed to stay awake and watch 3 films on the plane in tears watching the fault in our starts people must have been looking at me like omg why is she crying lol then the grand Budapest hotel and finally Malifisent all 3 were amazing I love them plus I got a whole row of seats to my self so I got to be comfy and got more free drinks and hot towels this time plus I got my meal as I wasn’t asleep lol. I had transport booked for when I arrived to Thailand much more hassle free I must recommend doing that and then had a quick walk to koh San road to see where it was and I was shattered so I went to sleep and didn’t get up properly till 12.

Day 1 in Thailand (first full day)

So today I over slept first of all lol not a good start but I believe if you sleep in it’s because you need it and I did do a full day of travelling yesterday and then out look for koh San road anyway so I first went to the stray Asia place to book my free half day floating market tour and my massage I then got took in by a tuk tuk man and he took me to his friend for a boat trip that I did not want I soon got wise to this and just played ignorant I hate doing this but as soon as you say hi back there on it like I take you hear that temple is not open when it is one man tried doing this in front of the gate of wat po when people were clearly going in!

2 months traveling 137

 So that was my first stop after walking what felt like miles and it was amazing I loved it I even just sat for a bit to take it all in I even got a free bottle of water lol there really so much to look at there and it’s a nice place to sit and relax for a bit before going back out to the hectic ness of Bangkok.
2 months traveling 154
 The next place I set off walking to again the same things happend I got stopped and walked miles I’m sure you get the picture now lol I went to grand palace from what I saw on the outside it looked really nice but after walking all that way I was not going to pay 500 bht not that I think it’s a lot but all the other places are like 100bht or lower and I only had budgeted so much today and I still wanted to see wat Arun so I just sat down for a bit and started looking for the river to find tha tian a river dock as all different ones do different things apparently so be sure to look for this if you just want to go across the river. This only cost me 3bht each way not bad at all! Wat Arun is right next to the river unlike the other 2 things I went to see that looked like they were on the map but not in real life lol. I decided I would walk up all the steps to this temple they were really steep and really scary and my legs still hurt to climb up the steps now they were shaking so bad the worst part was walking back down them as you had to look down to where you were going scary stuff if your like me and have a slight night issue lol. It started raining and after all that I was knackered so I decided to get a tuk tuk back to my hotel where I am now writing this ( Bhiman inn ) I finally found the free internet so I can upload my blogs and videos so I did that earlier then re organised and packed my bag as I’m using my free luggage storage to store my big bag whilst I am on my trip to Chiang mai so I had to re pack my back pack hand luggage one and if I have to go in my big one one more time I will cry lol
2 months traveling 174
 I don’t mind living out of a suitcase but living out of a back pack is horrendous having to re organise every time to make things fit plus it ways a ton!
i made it all the way to the top!!!
i made it all the way to the top!!!

I am now waiting for 3pm English time to skype my mum as I haven’t been able to get in touch with her so for without internet and I don’t want people worrying about me on my own lol I went on earlier to see but I just ended up uploading things as she wasn’t there I haven’t had anything to eat today so I’m really hungry and was planning to go down koh San road but I’m really tired and i have to wait for 9pm Thailand time to skype my mum and I have to be up early tomorrow so I don’t know what to do I’ll let you guys know tomorrow what I decided. Night all x



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