Travel Diary’s | Day 1 Travelling to Dubai |


1st September 2014 06:47 –

Got up so early well for me it is and I’m really excited I’m not sure yet if I’m nervous or not I guess time will tell as it gets closer to going to the airport my mums not up yet so I thought I would make a start to writing my blog post for today, I’m not sure how I’m going to keep the set up if I’m going to do a diary style things like this one or just a normal chatty thing I’ll try different ones depending on the busy ness of the day and just let me know what one you guys like the most and I’ll try and stick to that for some reason my nose is running not happy hope it goes that’s the last thing I need on the day of travel a cold and it’s really dark out still. Remember I will still be doing videos everyday on my YouTube so check that out if one is not up that day it will be because of the lack of internet so please wait and more will be uploaded when I do get wifi.


3:05pm – 25 mins till I head for the airport I’m all packed and ready to go I’ve have my dinner and a nice bath so I’m all clean and fresh for the flight tonight. It still don’t feel real maybe that will change when I get to the airport.

Ok so it is now 07:03pm and I am sat in the airport waiting to board I’ve said all my goodbyes and now I feel a bit upset but still very excited and can’t wait to get on the plane I’ve had a gregs sausage roll and a cream bun and ready to chill on the plane and eat my sandwich later on. I’ll post this before I get on the plane and start my new blog with the rest of today tomorrow as I won’t be able to post whilst on the plane obviously lol.



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