Travel Diary’s | Days 1 & 2 in Dubai |

Day 1 

So I arrived in Dubai and the airport is huge I had to get 3 walking escalator things 1 lift and a train all just to get my luggage. I got a taxi to my hotel and checked in and got freshened up and then went over to my friends apartment hotel and we chilled around the pool till around 3 and then got showered and changed and ready to get the metro to the Burj Khalifa we managed to get there just on time for 5pm as it was a long a very long walk using the walking escalators to the Dubai mall and to the entrance to go to the top. We picked that time and I would recommend that time as you can get to see the whole of Dubai in free stages day light, dusk/ sun set and night time as you can stay up there as long as you like but do take a bottle of water!

 2 months traveling 0022 months traveling 022

We then went and got a coffee (very expensive) and waited for our time slot to go on the lake ride to see the musical fountains we got such a close up view I would highly recommend it when it’s only around £11 anyway you get a much better view and experience. When then went around the Dubai mall a quick look as you could spend a month in there no joke and then back I was extremely tired when writing this as why it’s very quick I will do some better ones and more detail about things at a later date but I had been travelling all day and then sight seeing.


Day 2 

Ok so I know it’s took a long time to get this up but I’ve only just found the internet at my hotel in Thailand and this was about Dubai so I was only there 2 days and only got to see a limited amount of things but I loved it all the same and would love to go back. I stayed at jormand hotel apartments and the room tour is up on YouTube now as well as footage from other things I did in Dubai.

There wasn’t much to tell during the day that wasn’t on YouTube as I just met up with my friends and we chilled by or in the pool as it was so hot and I am already sun burnt :( but on the night for the second day I had book a desert safari I had booked mine with STA travel like it says in my earlier blog post about what I will be doing in Dubai but there is loads of different ones and all do a similar thing just depends on price I personally loved my trip I had booked had lots of fun dune bashing and had lots of opportunities to take pictures and my tour guide was very nice to offer to take them all the time lol I would recommend trainers ans you can’t walking in the sand in flip flops and the sand is red hot!!! And water make sure to take that too if your stood taking pictures for too long it gets to you. After seeing the sun set and taking yet more pictures we went to the camp where everything was included unlimited drinks water, soft drinks, tea and coffee alcohol you had to pay for. Also free henna, sesha, dress up in Muslim cloths for pictures and 2 20min shows 1 belly dancer 1 spinner man also had free camel riding. The food was amazing lots to pick from you get a starter and a main BBQ what was so yummy then some fruit and buns I had such an amazing night and all this was one set price £45 including hotel picture up I would highly highly recommend this if you are going to Dubai.

2 months traveling 086

2 months traveling 106



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