Travel Diary’s | Days 21 to 24 Thailand rest days and living in the airport |

Day 21

Today like a lot of this a lately has been a nothing much day as all we have have done really is travel back to koh Samui get to the same hotel we were in last time were were hear and go out for some food. We did try some shark when we went for dinner though and this was at the sunset restaurant right on the corner of the beach in nathon – the place we are stopping in koh Samui it was reasonably priced and was yummy but had no ice cream left and that was all they had for desserts anyway.

The hotel we are stopping at is called wang bua house (hotel) it is a nice little lady that owns it and it is right off the street down a gravel road only a short 2 minute walk to the beach front to the bars and restaurants. It cost us 750 baht for all 3 of us with free wifi, hot water, tv, air con and free tea and coffee on a morning it is very clean and such a nice hotel for so little if you are stopping in nathon in koh Tao I would recommend this hotel to stay at, it’s not far from much the beach one side the shops and things the other side and only a 5 minute walk from the main piers you get from don sack to koh Samui so it is great location.
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Day 22
So for day 22 all we did was travel we got up for 7:30 so we could walk to the pier and get our ferry to suratani from koh Samui this was a hour and half ferry then a coach to the airport this was another hour and half. We had a bit of sitting around and waiting before we could check in as it was only a domestic flight your only required to arrive 1 hour before your flight and because of the coach and ferry times we arrived 2 hours before, the same before we flew with nok air it was an hour flight back to Bangkok to say this is a cheap airline you get a lot for the £20 you pay, free 15kg checked in luggage, a free snack and water on the plane and free wifi when in the airport it’s really good value for money. We then got a taxi from the airport to koh San road and I’m sure he took us the long way round as he was on meter. The only other thing we did that day was go for a meal to a really yummy Indian and have a good look round the shops for some last min souvenirs.
Day 23

So I know I’ve missed a few days and I really don’t know what I did on the days as to why I missed them but whilst I’m hear at the airport for yet another 20 hours! After sending last night hear too I think I’ll have lots of time to write more blog posts to make up for missed days.

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23rd – So yesterday we looked around for the cheapest taxi or tuk tuk from koh San road to the airport (the big main one) and no one was going lower than 400 and we know it doesn’t cost that much as it’s not half as long of a journey than some have been for less, so we ended up getting a shared mini bus for 100 each much better and it wasn’t full too so bonus for us. It took us around 30mins to get to the airport including a small amount of traffic. I had decided to come early yesterday so I could save money on a hotel room that I would have to give up really early and I would have to get up even earlier so I decided to tag along with Sophie and Luke and wait it out until the next morning for my plane to Kuala Lumpur. When we arrived there check in wasn’t open for another hour so we decided to finish off our game of monopoly we had started the day before when travelling (it’s good to kill time) once they had checked in we set out looking for somewhere to eat and Burger King was our choice as mc d’s was on the other side :( and they were staying out till nearly boarding time with me, so this was the very first Burger King I’ve ever had and I wasn’t too sure about the look of the burgers so I went for the king sized chicken nugget meal this meant I got a really large fanta to last me a while (good thinking batman) ;) when I left Sophie and Luke for boring (sad times) I tried to connect to the internet and found an ict free wifi connection thing so I assumed it was for all the time I could see where it said for 1 hour so I wasted most of it by just checking on face book and instergram, how annoying and as soon as it decided to disconnect my dad started ringing me on face book to talk so I sorted panicking looking for more free wifi and I managed to find a 2 hour one but I’ve never seen an airport with so many wifis but no way to get the pass words or pay for it so crap! So anyway I used this to talk to my dad for a bit and then knowing I was planning on face timing my mum too I decided to look for some more wifi where I could pay or something as I knew I had time to kill to ring at the right time in England but I couldn’t see any caffes or things that offered it free when you buy something so I asked around and the only place I can buy it was in a far corner of the airport on the 4th floor right past letter Q check in for 100baht for 20 mins (doesn’t last long at all) it’s a computer caffe but they have wifi also.

I know for a fact I still had some of my 2 hour wifi left as I only used around 1hour 30mins but it wouldn’t let me back on! I ended up paying 600baht just for wifi! £12!!! And then around 9:30pm the 1 hour free wifi I used before let me on without a pass word and username and I was on for around 3 hours with out it disconnecting so I wounded if that’s because the airport is quieter then or they had a problem whatever I’m glad I got it and hope it does the same tonight as it’s not too bad in the airport when you have internet but without it time drags. In the area where the internet was there was one small row of seats that were perfect for me to get comfy on it was a bit darker than the rest of the airport, much quieter and felt safer as that’s all what was there so I plan to get the same seats tonight, hopefully finger crossed. I had to go to the loo around 10:30pm ish and lot my seat for about an hour to some very loud and huge group of Chinese people I was not impressed as I was getting very tired too. When I did try to get some sleep I actually had a better nights sleep than I expected I did wake up a few times and checked everything but by the time I woke up properly it was 6:30am and I only woke up at this time as the cleaners sat on my chairs and started having a good old chat!

 Day 24

This now leads us to today the 24th after I looked at the check in boards and couldn’t see mine anywhere I decided to just sit down and sort my things out whilst doing this I noticed my hotel in Kuala Lumpur was booked from the 25th and I was like oh well I’m going to have to pay for an extra night I must be stopping for 5 days and then I looked at my flight ticket and realised that I had booked it right it was me that was at the airport a day too early or 2 days if you count the day before. At this point I just panicked I couldn’t get a cheap enough hotel near and the cost to get back to koh San road and back was going to be too much the whole reason of coming early in the first place was to save money but I haven’t done that too well after paying for all the internet but anyway it just made me feel gutted and upset I just wanted to go home so bad I wanted to cancel the whole thing I walked around all the airport trying to figure something out look to buy tickets home (uk) I texted my mum and dad saying I wanted to come home I was in tears :( I don’t really know why it’s not like I had missed my flight I was just extra early but for some reason it just made me so upset and wanting to go home so bad, like every time I’ve thought I feel lonely and wanted to go home this was now a good reason to and it’s not but at the time it felt like it.

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After buying yet more internet only 20mins not long enugh when your in tears to phone my dad he calmed me down and re assured me that it was ok and how much I would lose if I came home now I felt a lot better and just decided to make it yet another adventure and right about it for you guys and do a video to match to keep me entertained whilst I have no free wifi, I think it was more the panic and loneliness getting to me more than anything sometimes I wish I hadn’t done it on my own but I don’t wish I hadn’t done it at all I honestly thought it would be so easy for me to do on my own having left home and going to uni for 3 years and not wanting to stay at home anyway but it’s a different kind of lonely because all things can go wrong and will and when your on your own first timer travelling it feels like a disaster as you have no one to blame or get lost with it’s just you and the only contact is on the internet and when you don’t have that it’s upsetting. I think and hope I’ll feel a lot better when I get to Australia as it’s more of an English speaking country and more westernised and I think it will feel more normal and less like I’m on my own in a strange country and more like I’m just at home on my own.
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 So as I’ve had a few down days I felt like I wasn’t looking forward to Kuala Lumpur as I did not know what to expect I wasn’t sure on my hotel choice etc but after getting a bit of wifi looking at the exchange rate and looking up my hotel and how to get there and found that it’s in good location to most things I want to see and only 15mins from the airport I feel much better knowing I’ll have enough money on me and that the hotel has other room options available so I’m going to ask if I can upgrade if I’m not too keen on the room I was given. I really need to get some washing done too but I don’t think any of the rooms have balcony so we shal see what happens there. At the minute I’m using a bit of free wifi near burger king with no time limit on floor 2 it’s not brill to face time but ok for facebook and things I’m soon going to be checking in after my 2 day airport holiday lol so I thought I would sort all this before going to the other side as I’m not sure if there will be free wifi. All the check in times on the board are from 8:55am so I’m just waiting a little longer before going back up to check. My flight is only a short one 2hour 10mins on Malaysian airlines :/ fingers crossed right there and I will be having my phone next to me ready to turn on if need be.

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