To pack or not to pack. |Travel Thursdays|

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Welcome to my second post in the Travel Thursdays series.

There I have in bullet points the things that I was glad I did take, wish I had not taken and things I wish I had taken. I’ve given a small reason for most but to check out why in more detail please feel free to head over to my YouTube channel and check out the video I have about this in more detail. Lillexy2k7. On the lists are the main things that come to my head immediately when thinking about what I would or would not take on my next trip travelling, I’ve learnt from my own mistakes so if this helps anyone else that would just the best. Just take them as suggestions and of course it all depends on the style of trip you are doing or going on, mine was a 2 month trip travelling in all different areas but mainly warm places.

Things I wish I had taken on my trip!!!

  1. A small suitcase (hand luggage size)
  2. A hoodie/ jacket
  3. Extra pairs of flip flops, as I broke my only pair in the first week and had to use my more fancy night time ones.
  4. A bug spray with a lot of deet in, this is a must if you’re in Thailand and in a group and everyone has a good bug spray but you; you will be bitten to death without it.
  5. A more sturdy hand luggage rucksack, looks are not everything in life.
  6. A perfume travel bottle, my mini samples I took thinking I was smart all bust.
  7. A selfie stick, yes a selfie stick when you’re on your own it is in your head if you had one it would be so much easier.

Things I wish I hadn’t taken with me!!!

  1. My back pack, that’s why I wish I had taken a small hand luggage sized suitcase!!
  2. Thick bottoms/ tracksuit bottoms
  3. My fancy bright pink hand luggage just not strong enough.
  4. Extra clothes, I took way too many clothes than I used or needed I’ve learnt my lesson.
  5. Space saving bags, they just did not work in the backpack at all.
  6. 2 micro fibre towels, they did what they were supposed to but I hated how they felt I loved having a proper towel, but for the hair it was perfect quick drying and compact.

Things I’m so glad I did take with me!!!

  1. My ipad so so glad I took this I used it every single day
  2. My sarong it has so many uses I wouldn’t have known what to do without it
  3. A trusty neck pillow
  4. Ear plugs worked well in the jungle
  5. Eye mask, the light is a big deal for me when trying to sleep
  6. My toiletry holder bag thing, just pick it up n off I went knowing I had everything for in the bathrooms and shower rooms.
  7. Light/cotton pyjama bottoms, kept me that bit warmer in the colder places and comfort even in the hotter countries.
  8. My first aid kit, never in my life have I ever been as clumsy falling over than when I went travelling.
  9. Finally extra fluffy socks, used as a slipper so comfy to put on when lounging about after a long day sightseeing or when travelling around.



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