Monthly Favourites | March |

Now I don’t usually do monthly favourites I didn’t on my old blog and I don’t think I have on my youtube; however as this is a new blog I would like you the readers to get to know me a little a better, so with march been my birthday month I thought this would be the right time to do a monthly favourites blog post.

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With my blog covering lots of different things I have decided to pick my favourites in a whole range of category’s from beauty products I haven’t stopped using this month to the tv programs I have been obsessed with so lets get started.

My favourite beauty products last month were.


  1. MAC oil control cream – ive been using this as a primer before my make up and it work wonders I only have a travel sized one but as soon as it runs out I will be buying another one in full size.
  2. MAC mineralized skin finish powder in ‘LIGHTSCAPADE‘ as a highlighter when contouring my face its my new love its so easy to just build up rather than be a ton of shimmer on your face.
  3. I’m adding a make-up brush into the mix as this month i’ve been using non stop to apply my foundation is the duo fibre large stippling brush by real techniques it makes my shin look flawless and blends perfectly when used in a circular motion.

My favourite skincare products were.

for the blog 002gf

  1. EOS lip balm this has to be in my monthly favourites because its amazing I use it day and night to keep my lips moisturised.
  2. This month I got some samples of the ‘Garnier’ moisture and nourish face cream and i’ve fallen in love so much so i’m willing to pay £8 for a face cream !!! that’s something new to me, this has to be the first cream i’ve tried that works perfectly on my skin moisturising all the dry bits and not making the rest of my face oily I love it!!!

My favourite fragrances last month were.

for the blog 003

  1. Burberry Body perfume and body spry by Burberry, this is my all time favourite perfume and I recently got it in a body spray too I find it adds a touch of class with its scent.
  2. I’m also adding a room fragrance to this section as i’m obsessed with spraying my room and making it smell yummy and last month i’ve been loving the rhubarb and vanilla room spray by Laura Ashley.

Clothing favourites.

for the blog 005

  1. My number one clothing favourite last month was this casual light jumper top from Primark priced at £7 each I loved it so much I now own 5  in all different colours all light shades, they are extremely comfy and so easy to dress up or down with a chunky necklace and jeans for a few drink in the afternoon look ;) or some leggings for that dressed down Sunday comfy feel.

Food favourites last month.

  1. Last month and in fact the month before that too I got some white chocolate by Lindt and my god is it the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted!!! I love normal Lindt milk chocolate it’s just the most luxurious feeling chocolate in the world but oh my the White one is out of this world.
  2. Number 2 and as unhealthy as it sounds and is a treat really as it is classed as junk food but after a long week at work I love nothing more on a Friday night to sit down to some cold Greggs sausage rolls (for you that don’t know it’s a chain bakery in mainly the North of England), can’t be hot there just not the same have to be cold or room temp; I’ve just got a bad obsession with them right now.

My Stationary favourites.

for the blog 007

  1. My Chirp note book and office sticky notes by life canvas I’ve been using them non stop throughout all of march to keep me organised about all my videos im planning to do and all the blog posts since getting this note book ive become really bad for list making but its making my life easier.

My favourite tv programs last month were.

  1. In soaps it had to be Eastenders last month just because it some really good story lines going off and the who killed Lucy thing I just had to know.
  2. And my other programs was Criminal Minds on living but ive been watching them from the start and really got into it, its my new love for tv.

My favourite YouTube to watch last month was Top10Media ive started going through all the videos although there’s only one of narrators voice I do like…

And lastly my favourite song last month had to beCarly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You, I don’t even know why it just seems to keep getting stuck in my head sometimes I even wake up hearing it!!!


keep an eye out on my blog as very soon I will be doing a small GIVE AWAY including some of the things ive talked about on my favourites !!!



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