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All the hostels I’ve stayed at and would recommend to anyone planning a trip in any one or more of the destinations are listed below and are in order of stay.

  • Wake up! – Sydney ♥♥♥♥
  • Base – Sydney ♥♥
  • Smugglers Cove Beach Resort – Fiji ♥♥♥♥
  • Beach comber island resort – Fiji (Mamanuca Islands) ♥♥♥
  • USA Hostels – Hollywood ♥♥♥♥♥
  • ITH Adventure Hostel – San Diego ♥♥♥♥♥
  • HI Hostel – San Francisco ♥♥♥♥♥

() Above i have done a love rating out of 5 on each based on my own stay and best value for money.

Wake up! – Sydney ♥♥♥♥

This was the first hostel i had stayed at and it set the bar for the rest, the reason i gave it 4 out of 5 was just for not having free WiFi. The location for this hostel is very good its only a short walk darling harbour and around a 30min walk to the main harbour with the opera house, it is also just across the road from central station and this made my trip from the airport to the hostel easy and cheap. On arrival you get your room key and a booklet with vouchers and coupons in to use at there coffee shop/ caffe and the bar they have downstairs called side bar, and also to use at the activity’s desk to get cheaper entrance tickets to points of interest. Your key lets you in to the building on a night and in any other rooms including the wash rooms and lifts and i liked this as it made me feel much better about leaving things in my room. The whole place was very clean and modern and a place i liked to be. they also did daily free activity’s and excursions so you can get to know the place.

Prices start for dorm rooms at £19.80.

509 Pitt St Sydney 2000 Australia

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or direct at the wake up! website here. I booked my stay through sta travel as they always offers and discounts available and i paid for 3 nights and got 1 night free as it wasn’t the cheapest hostel to go to in Sydney.

Base – Sydney ♥♥

i only gave this 2 hearts as it was such a downgrade compared to Wakeup! it is a lot more run down and tired and could do with a bit of love, but it dose offer all the same things as the wakeup! hostel including having to pay for WiFi and is a bit cheaper this is why i would still recommend it there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with it like i said just a tad unloved but offering the same free things and at a lower cost still makes it to be recommended. This hostel was also a lot closer to Sydney harbour 10-15min walk rather than 30mins, only 5mins to darling harbour and was right next to the Queen Victoria building and shopping centre.

Prices start from £16.70 for dorm rooms.

477 Kent Street, Sydney 2000 NSW – Australia

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or direct at the base backpackers hostel website here. 

Smugglers Cove Beach Resort – Fiji ♥♥♥♥

This has 4 hearts as it was value for money, staying in a large mixed dorm was fine just the lighting was an issue for me but i had no problems. You got free breakfast, a towel during your stay, use of the pool and to make it perfect it was right on the beach, seeing that sun set every evening was amazing. When i went it was Fiji day and there was lots of traditional Fijian activity’s going off at the hotel for free. this was a family resort too but not many hostels boast a beach side view! at this hostel you had to pay for WiFi. – when looking up this they have now changed and offer free WiFi !!!

Dorm rooms start at £10 for a 34 mixed bed dorm including breakfast

Wailoaloa Beach Rd, Nadi Bay, NADI.

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or book direct at Smugglers coves website here.

Beach comber island resort – Fiji (Mamanuca Islands) ♥♥♥

2 months traveling 1036

I gave this 3 hearts as it was really nice, just perfect to be on an island no other hotel or anything on that island miles from anything it was like what dreams are made of, however you had to pay for all your food on arrival for 3 meals a day buffet style and its not that it wasn’t nice i just wish you could pay for just one meal like breakfast or just dinner as i wasn’t always hungry but i had paid for it so felt like i had to eat. That i the only issue i have really and it took so many hearts off just because of how much it cost extra on arrival. But it did have free WiFi of all things that i did not expect at all, the dorm rooms were clean and tidy girls only and you got your bed made everyday and a clean towel everyday, it also had free activity’s such as glass bottom boat rides. This place is also like Smugglers Cove Beach Resort and is a resort for family’s as well as backpackers.

Dorm room prices start at £46 per night with all meals included

Beachcomber Island Resort.
Vuda Rd
Vuda, P.O. Box 364
Fiji Islands

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or there own website here.

USA Hostels – Hollywood ♥♥♥♥♥

Now this has 5 hearts because it had everything and was in perfect location and value for money. i took advantage of the free activity’s and got to go to the closest point you can get to the Hollywood sign, they also offer free trips to Venice beach and Santa Monica pier, they have discounted tickets for attractions on sale in the hostel. it was a short walk from the sub way to the hostel you just have to follow the stars… yes it was right next to the walk of fame and just 5mins away from the Kodak and Chinese theatre plus lots more. the bathroom was in the room shared between 8 and was all very clean and tidy throughout all the hostel, again you had to use you key card to get in and out of the hostel and had a very nice outdoor seating area with heaters and have a weekly BBQ with unlimited food for just $8. they have free WiFi, free breakfast and unlimited coffee and tea all free even with syrups!

Dorms start from £23 per night including breakfast

1624 Schrader Blvd, Los Angeles Hollywood, CA 90028

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or direct at the USA Hostels website here. They have hostels in different locations in the states.

ITH Adventure Hostel – San Diego ♥♥♥♥♥


I just loved this hostel it was the most quirkiest and most fun looking place i have ever seen and this has to be 2 hearts just for that alone! of course it has free WiFi, the rooms were very clean and the staff were very friendly just like all the hostels I’ve talked about. not only did you get free breakfast and coffee all day at this one but also free dinner too! always a plus saves you a lot of money, again this offer loads of free activity’s and trips even including boat trips free yes free. I wish i had gone to San Diego for longer just so i could stay at this place longer, i would love to go back here or at least check out there other hostels as they sound just so fun. it was just a 2 minute walk to the train line to get to the gas lamp quarter or to get another train to the mexico border.

Prices start from just £21 including breakfast and dinner.


1658 Front Street

San Diego, California 92101

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or direct at the ITH Adventure Hostel websie here.

HI Hostel – San Francisco ♥♥♥♥♥

And last but not least, it was just the last stop on my trip is the HI Hostel (city centre) they have a few HI Hostels in San Fran in different locations to suit you. The city centre one is the one i stayed at and loved it. it was coming up to Halloween so they had a scary movie night every night on a projector and in the morning was old cartoons and Disney movies this made me feel so happy on morning whilst eating my free breakfasts feeling at home and like a big kid, you could pay a $1 and get unlimited pancakes or just stick to the free stuff. you also got free coffee all day and night along with free WiFi. it was all clean and tidy and the bathroom was in the room to 4 people. it was only a 15 min walk to all the major shops and only a 2 min walk to the bus stop, the only problem is that it is right next to the tenderloin quarter and its not the best or safest area to walk through to get to the shops i was fine during the day on my own but avoided it at night times just to be safe, but this isn’t the hostels fault. They also offer free activity and trips once again like all the rest and to me that’s much better than what you get with hotel prices.

Dorms start from just £23 a night with breakfast (this is pretty cheap for san fran and is good quality)

HI – San Francisco – City Center

685 Ellis St,

San Francisco


94109 United States

To book this hostel you can find it on,, or direct at the HI Hostels website here.

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