Travel Thursdays|Whats in my Carry on?|

This week’s travel Thursdays post is all about what I take in my carry on/hand luggage for a holiday, this is not for a backpacking trip this is just for a normal week to 2 week holiday. I will be doing one for a backpacking trip as well as a weekend away bag on some different travel Thursday posts at a later date so if you’re interested in those 2 helpful packing posts follow me to keep update with all my travel Thursday posts as well as much more.


This is my large mint green hand luggage/ carry on what I use for all holidays away and weekends away is it’s just the right size not only to pack all the things you’ll need on the plane but also to pack a few days worth of clothes in but that’s a different post. I got this bag from Accessorise and I believe it was priced at around £35 I got this about 3 years ago now so I don’t think they still have it but some good sized alternatives are listed below.  The reason I like this bag not only for its summer colour and size but also for the pockets and inside that can be took out to make more room, this also means easy washing too.

The first thing I carry in my hand luggage or now its attached to my hand luggage, is a neck pillow I’ve had a few of these in my times from blow up ones to bean bag style ones whatever your preference is that’s fine but they are a must have especially for long flights. My new one has clips to attach to my bag and this is amazing as it saves space I would highly recommend one like this, it also comes off to be washed and has a hood. £4 – Primark

One thing that I like to have no matter what style of travel is not something that’s a must but its an extra I like to have to keep organised and that’s a travel wallet. These normally have space for your passport, tickets, other documents, money and space for a pen and any other bits like that you may need. As I said it’s not something everyone one have but I always have it so I know if I pull that out everything’s together and I’m not panicking looking around my large bag for a document or passport.

I like to keep all my cosmetics and things like that all together but some liquids have to be in clear bags so a good thing to get is a completely clear cosmetics bag for all your things or a smaller one to go inside your cosmetic bag that can be pulled out easily with all your liquids in if need be. I found these at Primark and are perfect as them come as a set of 3 different sized so you could use them how you like. Inside the cosmetic bag I would keep things such as:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues/ wipes
  • Contact lens items
  • Lip balm
  • Cream
  • Tablets/medication

Other bits and bobs I would keep in my hand luggage that are quite normal that I imagine everyone would take are things like:


Sunglasses in a case.

An eye mask for better sleep if you’re on a long haul flight.

Ipad/Laptop/Ipod something to listn to music or play games etc.

An E- Reader or a book.


Snacks and sweets because who actually likes airplane food and the sweets help with your ears popping at takeoff and landing.

Depending on how long the flight is I would have a blanket and fluffy socks if it’s a long one along with maybe a change of clothes and a tooth brush not just for the length of flight but you never know what could happen to your luggage.



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