Mid year blues … or is it the middle of the year im just not sure but what I do know I have the slight blues and need to do more traveling, all I keep seeing is people going on holidays and traveling trips and its just making me want to check out more new places and go back to old ones. Im not quite sure the point of this post its more of a ramble and talking about my next dream that I hope to happen soon, I would like it if anyone who would like to comment to tell me there favourite place to go and a must do in that place so I could maybe and hopefully add it to my travel list for the near future.

My top place on my wish list would be New Zealand not only would I like to visit and travel there but it is a place I would like to live or stay for a longer period of time to really explore all the amazing places and things it has to offer. My top 5 things I would love to do in New Zealand would be:

  1. SKYDIVING, I know you can do this in any country but I think it would be wonderful to do with such amazing scenery, it would be bungee jumping but that scares me.
  2. CLIMBING A GLASIOR: really how amazing would this be and how many places offer this…
  3. WHALE WATCHING: id love to do this I feel its a must just fingers crossed you do actually see one.
  4. CANYON SWING: I saw this on someone’s video and its just stuck with me you can also bungee and zip line all that good and scary stuff!!!
  5. HOBBIT PLACE: I don’t even like lord of the rings but I feel going to see all the scenery and sets made for the hobbit and lord of the rings is a must do when going to new Zealand.

Another place or places id love to go travel is South America there’s a few country’s id like to go to in the area but I would do them in 1 trip, id like to do this area as there is so many places to go to and so much cultural things to see and do. My top 5 things to do in south America would be these:

  1. THE INCA TRAIL MACHUPICHU: this is obviously my number one thing to do in south America and most probably the main reason for wanting to go in the first place.
  2. GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: Because who wouldn’t want to go to south America and see some amazing one off wildlife!
  3. RIO DE JANEIRO: just because seeing Christ the redeemer is on my bucket list but im sure ill find more things to do there too.
  4. AMAZON JUNGLE/RIVER: Cruse along the river and stay in the jungle in a tree house that just has to be the best story to tell people.
  5. SEEING A LIVE VOLCANO: I would love to not only see a live volcano and south America is the place to see that but also climb up one and slide back down this is another thing ive seen and has stuck with me.

The last place that’s on my mind a lot a lately is Canada yes its a big place and im not sure what areas id like to visit I just think its a beautiful country id love to see a bit of maybe keep y mind open about what Id like to see or do maybe go on one of the organised trips and do a few different things. Some things that are a must for me to see are:

NIAGRA FALLS: Im pretty sure this is a must for most people that want to go to Canada.


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