Im planning a holiday away with the family later on in the year, so that obviously means … SHOPPING TRIP! yes it is a bit early as nothing is yet confirmed but when we go it will no longer be in summer time so I have to buy up what I want whilst all the summer items are still on the shelves.

summer look

I bought all my items from New Look as I only went in for a new bikini and came out with a full ’round the pool’ look, id seen a bikini I liked in pink but they didn’t have it in my size and im glad because I saw the stunner that would make my tan look even better with bright orange/coral and a printed summer leaf on, so obviously I needed a cover up to go over for when I go to the restaurant and what not so I got this very light and airy dress cover up with bright pink straps and collar to add a little something other than just white and yes again another colour that really shows off your amazing tan! So lastly I got these 90’s esk style leather white sandals with a slight thick heal I saw these from across the shop I just knew they had to be in my life but what’s wired is I’ve never liked them before now but im just dying to wear them now!!! they remind me of the jelly shoes that made a come back that I just couldn’t wear.

Cover up – £13

Bikini – (sold separately) Top £18 Bottoms £12

Shoes – £24.00



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