Buying or saving ??? 

I’ve recently been buying a few bit hear and there for the next time I travel or go on a trip so I have everything and just need to save for the trip it’s self, it’s just odd bits when I have the money to do so and then next pay day I’m starting to save again for a trip I want to do then my plan is if I have everything I don’t need to buy so all my money is going as savings for the trip (I haven’t decided anything yet as I need to do a lot of saving first)

So the things I’ve bought so far are things I know I’ll need or things I wanted last time around and didn’t have the money for.

  • Go Pro camera
  • Go Pro attachments (just the pole so far but I have a voucher for another and I’m undecided just yet between the chest mount or head mount what would you pick?)
  • Suitcase (extra light 4 wheeled suitcase, backpacks are just not for me)
  • A few new clothing items that are well overdue needing new such as bikini set, travel jumper, sports bras just bits like that, that always get used and always need new ones.

On the GOPRO front I got a really good deal at Argos it was £99 on sale at £94 and 10% off an accessory when you buy it with the camera and then if you select over £100 at argos you got a £10 voucher that is the deal of the year I think!!!!!! 

So far I don’t think I’m doing bad 2 things I do want to buy that I haven’t yet is some trainers and a hand lugage rucksack, I’ve found some nice Nike ones and at sports direct are much cheaper than you think. The ruck sack isn’t out until July so I think I’ll be pre ordering when I get paid its huge and has 3 zip parts as well as a water proof zip section and soft back for comfort.

Let me know what you all think is must have for any kind of trip that you always buy or would love to have?

For the saving front I plan to save at least £200 a month if not more when I can so hopefully I won’t be just dreaming like my last post for too long. What do you find the best way to save for a trip ?



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