Lumiere Durham.

In 2013 i went to the Lumiere light festival in Durham i had heard about it in the first year of university but had missed the show and the year after it wasn’t on so as soon as i knew it was on i made sure me and my friend had booked the evening to go see it, id heard so much about it and was dying to go see it and seeing it in person was all that i imagined.

Durham day 2013 121

seeing that it is on later this year i thought i would do a post about it and let you all know so if its something your interested in you can have a look for yourself it will be on this year through the 12 – 15 November and starts when its getting dark and that’s early at winter time in England.

i personally would make a full day out of it have a look around Durham its a beautiful picture-esc place that’s just amazing with lots to see and do including the Cathedral, castle and shops it also has some amazing places to eat!!!

the night its self is very hectic and busy but well worth it in the end with some amazing art shows and pieces lit up and all over buildings all over the city.

Durham day 2013 087

A link to the website telling you all about it here – About Lumiere



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