My Vegas!

This is an old blog post from my old blog but i though i would share with you all so everyone knows about this app/game where you can get free things in Las Vegas so if your planning a trip there any time soon read more and find out just how to get lots of free things that you would normally have to pay for and it works ive used them.

I thought I would right a bit more about the my Vegas app game and facebook game I have mentioned it in my previous blog post for travel planning in Las Vegas you can go check that out, so basically it’s a slot style game basses on Las Vegas Casino hotels and you get so many free chips to start plus a daily bonus that goes up each day you visit on a spinning wheel so some day you will get tones and others only a few hundred. On the app you get 150 hourly bonus and little games to get things each time you play to get extra chips and rewards. On the facebook game you have to build the hotels by finding v points and the more hotels the more free chips and rewards every hour. I think it’s best to play both if possible you can connect so your rewards are synced but your level and chips are not so keep that in mind!

 You can buy chips but I really wouldn’t if you just want the rewards you get enough free ones everyday and they go up fast! What then means so do your reward points then you can buy things for paying nothing at all!!!
 My friend told me about this and I’m glad she did I’ve been playing it nearly everyday since and I have quite a few reward points to use ( you can buy 3 things in one time) or one large thing it’s up to you and I don’t have tons to get a hotel room but I do have enough to get a free buffet meal or a monorail pass for 2 days extra smaller things like that or a bit higher things like free entry somewhere to make your stay extra special without the cost. At the min I have 38,400 I think so that’s enough to get 3 things but I’m going keep playing right till the last min to get the best things I can as they have to used or spent demanding on the offer mostly within 90 days so I’m going to work till the end.
 You can get discounted things where you pay for the item but get like 50% off if you want something better but don’t have quite the amount of rewards needed.

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