What to take in your travel first aid bag?

When i went travelling last year i wasn’t sure what to take in my first aid bag id never needed one and thought i still wouldn’t need one, proving myself wrong on every possible occasion showing just how much of a clumsy cluts i can really be now means i know what i would be taking on the next trip!!!

So for my last trip i got a cheap basic first aid bag from the £1 shop came with x1 of everything some mini scissors and tweezers bits like that and i would recommend getting a small cheap basic one as a base just so you do have a few bits if needed. I went out and bought a few extras and added them in the bag too but knowing just how many times i fell over in the space of 2 months i would add a few more things to the mix next time.

First aid items i would say are a must especially if your prone to falling like me are:

  • plasters of all sizes and waterproof if possible
  • bandage plaster dressing the large square things (at least 2)
  • sterile water
  • alcohol wipes/antiseptic wipes (Lots there only small)
  • some sort of anti septic cream
  • cotton wool or sterile cloths (just a bit to clean items using water)

Tablets and things that you would need are pretty obvious but just make sure to pack at least a strip in your first aid bag there not always any good when sat in the hotel room:

  • Paracetamol
  • Imodium
  • Ibuprofen
  • Congestion tablets (good for on the plane)
  • Allergy/Hey fever tablets (good to help stop itching from bites)
  • Some cold and flue tablets or capsules are always good just in case going from hot to cold all the time

To keep all this in i would recommend a clear plastic zip bag or a bag that states its a first aid bag just so people know (like security)



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