My Time in Paris France

Paris was not a place i was desperate to go to at the time but when the chance comes you take it i went way back when i was in university and it was the best week away with the girls ive had yet. id love the chance to go again and do some of the things i missed out on as well as the things i did do before.

We went to Paris on the Eurostar train that takes around 2 hours from London station to Paris and you can get fairs fairly cheap if your wanting to do this as the Eurostar goes to a few different European country’s with from just 1 change. you can check them out here. We then had just a short walk to our hotel now i can not remember the name of this place and i wouldn’t recommend it anyway it was super tiny for a large group and im sure if you go on something like you will fine some really nice ones to suit your budget.

Paris 2 087

On the day we had arrangements to meet the rest of the group later on that evening for the river cruse tour, so we decided to walk there and see what we could find on the way. i would recommend doing this no matter where the destination you’ll always find things you could have missed otherwise, on the way we saw the pompidou, lots of patisserie shops, Notre dame and lastly the Eiffel tower.

Paris 2 225

The rest of the week we did all the things you would expect to do in Paris such as going to the top of the Eiffel tower but we all had champagne whilst there that was special, we went to the Lourve, the lock bridge and whilst in Paris you cant miss Disney Land Paris no matter what age you are!!! ill do a separate post about that.

If i went back to Paris i would make sure to do a lot more some of the things i would like to do are:

  • Arc de triomphe
  • Go inside the Notre dame
  • Place de la Concorde
  • Tuileries Garden

There are lots more things i would like to see and stroll around as well as go back to the Eiffel tower and Pompidou and try lots more things and see a lot more around France outside of Paris.

Check out my videos from Paris now:



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