My Story.

This is me LeighLouise

So it goes like this when i was younger we always went on family holidays so i’ve had a well travelled life from the get go and if you’d have asked anyone who knew me then i don’t think they would have ever thought that id have this much passion for travelling and seeing the world, i hated the hustle and bustle of markets and id have happily laidΒ round the pool all day and don’t get me wrong to this day i could spend so much time catching some rays by laying on a sun longer but now i have a serious case of wanderlust and the adventurer in me is screaming inside dying to see just what the world really has to offer.

All my life i’ve known just what i wanted to do and i worked hard trying to get to that lifestyle and no i don’t want my hard work to go to waste i do want my career being an interior designer but i just don’t want to live to work i want to work to live. that dream of mine hasn’t gone i love interior design and at some point in life i want to make a life out of it but at this time all i can think about, dream about is travelling, I’m not scared of dying but i am scared of not doing the things in life i want to before i die and that’s how i look at life, my favourite quite that sticks with me in everything i do is “The brave may not live for ever, but the cautious don’t live at all”

Whilst at university i learned so much in my chosen subject and i graduated but it made me learn so much in life, before university i had really bad anxiety i was scared to speak up and to speak to new people but something changed in me where non of that was no longer true i made friends so quickly without being scared and it made me want to see what else i could achieve in life that for the most part i was always so scared to do before and having friends as like minded as me wanting to go on trips just pushed me more, that’s why my friends from university means the world to me because they pushed me into something that i love about myself.

graduation x 023

By my last year in university i knew i wanted to travel no matter what and i felt so good in myself and id been pushed so much that i wasn’t scared to book the trip of a life time knowing that i was doing it all on my own, id gone from being scared to talk to anyone to wanting to explore and talk to everyone in the world. And guess what that trip for 2 months on my own travelling from place to place only made me better, stronger, happier. I think that’s why i want to travel so much being away from what’s supposed to be called home makes me so happy being away from home at university i never got home sick or sad in the slightest, the times i was sad and home sick was when i was at home as wired as that sounds not because i don’t love my friends and family because i do tons but i just get home sick for places I’ve never been before, home reminds me of who i used to be and the world reminds me of what i’ve become. I like it like that and i love my life i love working to earn money to travel and id love to do it as a job if i ever got that chance i would take it so fast. You learn so much when your travelling and you do so much more and become a better person i wish i could travel indefinitely but for now ill just keep saving for that dream!


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