Discover Yorkshire – Elsecar Heritage Centre and Park

day out in yorshire 002 CollageThe first place on my list for things to do in Yorkshire (my home county) is just a 30min bus ride away and that is Elsecar Heritage Centre and Park, The bus comes to my home town every 10mins number 66 so its pretty regular and my normal weekly pass gets me there so it was the obvious first choice.

The heritage centre is set in the village of Elsecar and is about a 10min walk from the train station or the bus will drop you right outside, inside the centre is full of all different craft shops for everyone along with different exhibitions and shows that are held there on a regular basis. At the rear of the centre is the steam train railway where you can ride on the trains at different times of the year for all different events or walk along side the railway and canal on part of the trans pennine trail.

A small bit of history about the Elsecar heritage centre

The heritage centre was originally Elsacar new colliery and ironworks owned by the 4th Earl of Fitzwilliam when he inherited the wentworth estate from his uncle in 1782.

The park is loceted at the back of the car park of the heratige centre its full and fun park for all ages with lots to do,one of the things i recommend and enjoyed doing is have a nice steady stroll all around the park along the stream and around the reservoir. when your in need of a drink or a bite to eat there’s a nice little caffe located at the top of the hill next to the kids play area and is quite well priced considering its the only one in the park, there is also a golf course where you can rent the clubs and ball for a small fee taking your time around all the holes.

Below ive done a rating meter measuring in colourful daisy’s for the summer time, the funness of the place, the activeness (if there’s lots of walking and things you can do or have to do) and the price all scored from 0 – 5 (5 been the top and 0 been the bottom)


ive rated Elsecar Heritage Centre and Park 4 daisy’s for fun because i really enjoyed the park and the steam trains, 4 daisy’s for activeness because there was a lot of walking you can do on the Trans Penine trail and round the park/reservoir and 0 for price because it was all free i only had the bus fair to pay and i already had a weekly ticket for that :)



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