My top 10 things to do in Vegas.

Now im not going to lie this is a hard one to do because there is way more than 10 things to do in Vegas and a lot of the things i loved plus there was things i wish i did do but anyway hear it is my top 10 things to do in Vegas.

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1.Rides at the top of the Stratosphere!!!

Now for me this is number 1 because when ever i think of going back to Vegas i think of going back on the rides, if you haven’t got a head for heights or like rides then its not for you but if you want to push yourself and try something fun and existing this is the thing for you with 3 rides the big shot, Insanity and x-scream or if you are daring enough try the sky jump. You can buy individual tickets or get an all day pass for them all at a cheaper rate if you stay at the hotel itself (

2. Fremont Street Experience

Fremont street had to be my second on the list because i just didn’t know where to look there’s lots to see and do No.1 being the huge LED canopy above the street lighting the street bright with feature films, music and more made just for the street, its full of casinos you’ve heard about live free entertainment and much much more to see, eat and do. one thing i wish i had done is the SLOTZILLA zip line that runs right down the street. (

3.The Bellagio

Now i haven’t just put the Bellagio fountains a it normally is because they are obvious they run every 30mins look the best on a night and is a free thing to do, but if your already at the Bellagio take a trip inside and have a look around they have an amazing Conservatory and botanical gardens that for me is a must see amazing sculptures and art all out of flowers and changes with the season, i got to see the thanksgiving/Autumn scene. Its also full of amazing art all around the hotel that’s worth a look so don’t just go to the fountains go inside its all free. (

4.The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

This again is a free thing to do in Vegas and actually Vegas is full of all sorts of free things to do if your on a budget but this is an obvious must do/see when in Vegas you have to wall all way up to the top of the road from the last bus stop at the mirage and then stand and queue for ages whilst people don’t know the queuing system push in but its all worth it in the end getting that must have photo.

5.The Circus, Circus

This is another hotel i have stopped in and just like the stratosphere if you stay there you get discount tickets for the things inside the hotel, this place is fun for everyone i found myself playing the carnival games (that we don’t really get in England) and watching the free Circus acts performing you can also go to the adventure dome i did have discount hear but it wasn’t on my list to do and couldn’t fit it in even when it was all set for Halloween but anyway for me this is a must go even if its just for the atmosphere and the free circus shows. Just a note to add the all you can eat buffet is out of this world!!! (

6.Neon Sign Museum

This is a place i unfortunately didn’t get to see but if i ever go again, and i hope i do it will be on the top of my list to do! i’ve heard so many good reviews about this place no matter if your going in the day or the night time not just off people on the internet but off my friend that went just after me making me more mad that i didn’t have time to fit it in. Tours start at $12 for students $18 normal for day tickets and $25 for night tours and $22 for students (

7.VooDoo Zipline

This is another thing i didn’t do and i just didn’t know about it but if i did it would have been something i would have had on my list so it is now for my next trip. its a zip line that’s between 2 of the rios towers soaring over 490 feet above the strip speeding down at 33 mph !!!! how fun dose that sound my words it costs $27.49 with no set date so any time within 6 months you can turn up and head down that amazing zip line day or night as its open till midnight. (


Now NYNY hotel is fun in general having been to the real place its like a tiny version of the real thing and that alone is worth a look around onto of that wizing all around the hotel is the big apple roller coaster ticket price starting at $14, after you’ve screamed your head off check out Hersheys chocolate world im not a fan of this chocolate but the place is fun and has lots to buy as gifts. (

9.High roller at the Linq

Again this is something i missed out on i walked all the way to find it and decided it would be better at night and never went back bad times this is the highest observation wheel in the world which boasts the bet views of the strip, tickets cost $26 for the day and $36 at night for general admission. not only is the high roller there but the linq promenade is full of all sorts of places to eat, attractions even the Pollariod museum and auto collection for the boys or girls i enjoyed it. (

10.The strip

I’ve added the strip in general as there is lots to see and do for free and for a charge its something amazing to see during the day and even better at night all lit up and glittering. my favourite points of interest on the strip would be M&M world, Coca cola world and general bobbing in and out of shops and hotels.

Below is a link to a map that i have favourited all the above places so you know where to go and what not.



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