My Top Eats in America!!!

Im not a restaurant kinda girl i love fast junk food i’m not going to lie and America is full of it and that’s probably why i love the food so much there! to be fair when travelling you have to get get some thing quick to eat on the go anyway so this makes me feel a little bit better about this.

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  1. TWINKIESSSSSS!!!!!  – ok so i know this isnt a meal but my love for these things in unreal its an unconditional kinda love ya know? they have to be included and they have to be number one … just don’t eat these is a meal ok guys.
  2. SUPER SIZED MC DONALDS – Yes i know every country has mc d’s but the super size thing OMG!!! like every other country in the world has a bigger large than hear in the UK so its nice to get something from mc d’s and not have to order 10 burgers to be full im exaggerating i have like 2 double and a quarter pounder…. i did say i love junk food no hate guys but when your in the USA i have a … double quarter pounder meal and that’s it !!! so much bigger guys.
  3. CORNDOGS – i mean like deep fried batter hot dog how much better can you make this, i only tried it last year in Vegas but my god i had one for breakfast the next day i fell in love.
  4. CLAM CHOUDER – Now im not into sea food at all but i thought when in san fran i have to try some and oh my it was the best fish style soup i have ever had that’s what it would be called in the UK Clam soup.. not as good of a ring to it but anyhoo i loved it and i had it in a bread roll bowl i love bread so this idea was just made for me im sure. i got mine at (
  5. CHEESE CAKE FACTORY – Like really this is another thing i think they made for me and my mum we are in love with cheese cake i just wish they would bring it to the UK i will never forget my REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CHEESE CAKE out of this world, hands down the best desert i have ever eaten in my life!!!
  6. IN N OUT BURGER – I always complain that i never get enough onion on my burgers well not at this place i got a full slice ring of onion on it they are delicious and only have a small menu because what they have is the best and no need for more bits that just aren’t as good i cant wait to go back again and get 2 burgers next time!!!
  7. GIANT SIZE SLICE OF NY PIZZA – When in New York i decided to get a $1 pizza slice thinking in the uk it would be a slice from a 7″ or 10″ at the most this slice was bigger than a whole 10″ pizza put together it was huge bigger than my face!!



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