Discover Yorkshire – Wentworth

day out in yorshire 050 Collage

Wentworth is a small village just a 4min bus ride out of Elsecar and is part of the town of Rotherham and is just picturesc with lots to see and lots to do. Not only is the village itself just beautiful and worth a look around or even an over night stay it is full of lush green country side to walk around as much as you want.

Two of the things i did on my afternoon there was go to the Wentworth Gardens located in the garden centre the entry for this is £1.50 and was well worth it i have not seen anything as beautiful in England before never mind just 30mins from my home town. I had fun in the maze getting lost and then some more lost as well as walking all around the gardens that was peaceful, tranquil, and picture perfect full of beautiful flowers and trees. The garden centre has a small farm/ petting zoo for all the family.

The next thing i did was go to Wentworth Woodhouse a large stately home that just looks so grand and has the longest frontage of any other stately home in the UK they have tours around the house starting at £10 and hold different events throughout the year but the grounds its on is just as magnificent over 180 acres of park filled with monuments to see and all different wildlife to try and look for.

I will defiantly be going back to this fixed in time village to see some things i missed such as the Rotherham Minster Church and hoober stand to see the views other south Yorkshire. Its a place that’s more than worth just a day visit not just for people from around the world but for people like me that lives not too far away and had no idea about this hidden gem of a place.

Ive gave Fun 5 daisy’s because i personally had so much fun and couldn’t believe i was still in south Yorkshire i was truly blown away with lots to see and do for all ages, Activeness 5 again you can walk around as much as like just getting lost in all the natural beauty as well as all the architectural beauty and i gave price just 1 as there is lots of things to see free but the gardens are priced at £1.50 and its a must do! and if you want to see inside Woodhouse that starts at £10 not braking the bank but its not all free.



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