Top 5 things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh is and Egyptian holiday resort and some where i’ve been about 6 times not including my family holiday there at the end of September this year, (i will be doing more posts about my time there then) as i’ve been so many times and i always recommend it to people when planning a nice holiday i thought i would do my top 5 things to do there, so lets get started…

PicMonkey Collage
Don’t mind the horrible pose next to the camel i was young and how could i not include a camel in Egyp pictures even if i am scared of the real thing!

Ok so with it being a resort area it is mainly shops,night life,restaurants and sun bathing but there is some things to do if you more active on your holidays.

  1. Snorkelling/Scuba diving – this has to be my number one because the sea is full of amazing fish and marine life that can be seen just by floating along, snorkelling. If scuba is more your thing your sure to see even more on the bottom of the ocean floor this is also a grate place to get your PADI as its cheap, warm sea water and like i’ve said there’s some amazing things to see, so why not get your PADI whilst your just having a good time this can be done within a week.
  2. Have a privet boat ride to Tiran island – this is a small island where there’s even more marine life all around great to head to for a few hours to more snorkelling or adventuring the privet island by foot (not sure there’s anything more than sand dunes but its nice to walk around if its not too hot) on the boat ride there, there is also place to stop before or after with old ships in the sea to see and chance to SCUBA or snorkel around them.
  3. Quad bike ride – this is another popular activity you can do for quite cheap you get kitted up with your own quad bike and something to cover your face from the sand and hit the dunes when we did this it was an all day thing with food included just riding up and down the dunes and getting to see an amazing sun set.
  4. Check out the old markets in old town sharm – this place is just full of old style markets and bizzars full of traditional things you would expect to see and buy when in Egypt. not full of modern shops, restaurants and bars like naama bay just that little more traditional that the modern place its become.
  5. Cleo Water park – this is an ever expanding water park for the people that love a bit of fun in water or just a bit of adrenalin, from the first time i went its got a lot more and bigger slides all themed around Egypt its a fun day out for all. ( There is also lots of hotels with there own water parks in that some do allow day visitors to that are just as good if not better.



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