Getting Stuck in a Lift in Barcelona

So me and the girls decided to go visit a friend that was studying over in Barcelona for a small weekend get away we got some real cheap flight for £30 each way from Leeds from the company Vulig a Spanish company found on we stopped in a hostel style apartment it was wired it was like an apartment block but people rented out some of the rooms for travellers but it was cheap and in a good location after thinking we had been doped off and left in the middle of no where.

We decided to head for something to eat when we arrived and with 2 of my friends both speaking fluent Spanish we managed to find some where a Euro all you can eat Spanish place we were that hungry on the way for food we completely missed all the amazing Buildings and Gaudí work but we saw it all on the way back. We decided to spend our first day at La Rambla shopping and drinking lots and lots of sangria. We then decided to get some drinks in and go back to the room not a real active first day but we wasn’t seeing our friend till the day after to go sight seeing.

PicMonkey Collagek

Story time…

Then this happened we got stuck in a lift!!! this lift was a lovely old fashioned lift where you have to shut the metal gates for it to move and all this we took loads of pictures of it and had a few rides up and down and then we all got in it to go up and we got stuck half way to our floor we couldn’t get out at all we were shouting for help and no one was coming some people started messing with the buttons eventually to try and help us but it just kept dropping i was so scared all i could think of was how they would tell people that i had been squished in a lift! i did not go in a lift for month after.

This is said lift!!!
This is said lift!!!

Back to the info side.

after our traumatic event we were so glad we had gin and went to sleep for an early night as we had a full day of sight seeing ahead. We spent the full day walking around Barcelona as its much cheaper to get a map and do it yourself than go on a guided walk most things are quite close together really compared to some city’s i’ve been to.

We didn’t go in any of the Gaudí buildings as the ques were huge but we did stand and listen to the information about about the buildings from other group travel things, sneeky sneeky. After seeing some building such as Casa Amatller, Casa Batllo, casa vicens, fundacio antoni tapies, palau guell and not forgetting sagrada familia all theese places we walked to from our hotel we did walk in few circles getting lost but we did see them all eventually, we then got the sub way to The Park Güell. All the things are free to see may i add. By this tie it was getting late but we had one more stop to make and that was back to the La Rambla to The Gothic Quarter this is another must see if your in the area whilst around there we also had a sit down by the The Columbus Monument and the sea.



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