My Top 11 Sites That Help When Planning a Trip

Below is all my favourite or new web sites that i have discovered that really do help when planning a trip or even whilst on your trip, all of them as far as i know all have apps but i have linked the website to them all so you can easily check them out and start trying them as soon as. i do use most of them as apps but some are better using the website as you get more and some are the same website to app.

Trip Adviser 

This one is good for all types of things including the state the obvious one to advise and help give advise on the best places to go stay eat and play! You can rate things to help other people and see other rates and reviews for all the things your looking at it also helps you find the best prices for things and shows on the map were the things are. I do think you need wifi to do all of this so that is a bit of a downfall but for pre travelling needs this could be really good to see how other people found there experiences or stay.


Now this is my new favourite app and website! You can search for any trips and things to do in any country with the best price and booking system with plenty of offers and sales on loads of trips and tours all the time when it’s already got the cheapest trips on there. this is good to get trips sorted before you go at the best price or a last minute whilst your on your travels at a low cost price. You do need wifi for this but with lots of free wifi out there it’s a good one to have if you love doing things.

XE Currency 

I personally prefer this currency converter to most others just because of its ease to use and the fact that’s its accurate with wifi and still can be used to get a rough estimate without wifi, this is a free app also. Great for on the go money checking when using the app. 

I used this tons on my last trip to find hostels, motels, b and b’s and 5* hotels it has every type of accommodation on hear with good deals, also offers pay later options on most accommodation and that’s always good if you want to make sure you have a bed for the night but don’t have the money on the day of booking your accommodation.

Flight checkers such as:

All the sites listed below are basicly the same thing and that is flight checkers each one has there own unique little thing like skyscanner you can put your destination and click worldwide and see the cheapest flight from your nearest airport to anywhere, but its always worth to check all as one could be a little bit cheaper than the other. ive always used skyscanner and love it but recently come across the other 2 and its worth to price check to even save you £5 every little counts when travelling.

Hostel World

This is like but just for hostels if your on a budget this could be the best site for you ive found some good hostel deals on this that wasn’t on so make sure to check it out if hostelling is the way for you.

Air BnB

Now i haven’t used this but i do have the app and i am planning to for future travels people offer some great property’s to used for days and weeks sometimes even months you can have from a full house to just a room for real cheap and believe me there is some amazing one for cheap with views that in a hotel would cost you ££££.


I added this one as its new to me and iv found some good company’s out of this for tours and it basicly has most of the tour adventure groups on with all there trips and price discounts so you can compare much better if the tour your wanting is better from one company to another.

Get Your Guide

Again another new one to me i haven’t used it yet but will be on my next trip a bit like vatior has things from day trips to over night trips for most locations in the world worth having a look to get the trip you want at the best price rather than looking at just one site.



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