My New Faveourite Apps

I have two new favourite apps that i have just been obsessed with and wanted to tell you all about just in case you guys haven’t heard about them. One could be good for travel people and one is just for fun that i love to make things look cute as button.


This is an app editing app basicley, it let you change the look of your app to over 10000 designs to chose from it makes your ipad or phone look so much cuter and more you with it all being personalised its all free and is for apple and android so everyone can have a go at using it.

This is what mine looks like now :) I’ve even got it on my phone.


This is super fun and super creepy all at the same time i felt like a stalker the first time i used it watching people go about there day live on camera and being able to ask questions and comment live. but there’s some amazing things you can see from all over the world live and you can share too, such as sunsets, live shows or anything you think anyone in the world may want to see again its a free app and works along side twitter using your twitter account name.

Question: How would you feel about using Periscope ? Do you use it? Let me know in the comments below and give me your name if you do use it and ill follow :)



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