Discover Yorkshire – Cannon Hall

Recently for my discover Yorkshire posts i went to cannon hall not too far from me in Cawthorne i have been here before just a couple of times when i was a child as its the place to go when learning about Victorians for a school trip and the second time for a vintage car show… but that’s all so i needed to re visit and let everyone in the world know about another spot in Yorkshire that’s just so fun to visit for a day out in the summer time.

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A little bit about it

Cannon hall is yet another stately home built in the 13th century and re built with added wings in the 18th century in south Yorkshire showing all the history with its free museum and entry in to the stately home all done up to show you what it would have looked like when the Spencer family would have lived there.

Things to do

Cannon hall has lots of things to do all year round that is free such as free entry into the museum and house as well as free entry into the grounds its self with a lot of things such as shows and fairs taking place also free. In the gardens there is not only a garden centre and lots of hills to roll down but a fairy tale garden and a maze not too far away.

On my visit was the Downton Abby exhibition with all the original clothing displayed from the tv series if anyone else in the world knows the program? all free entry of course.


The last thing i did and loved, i have never been to before at cannon hall is the farm now it is probably like most farms lots of petting animals and farm yard animals to see and learn about but it also has things like sheep and ferret racing, you can watch cows been milked and tractor rides on top of all this it has the most fun and amazing play grounds even i was playing on them, fun for all ages. TIP: obviously if you have a child with you, you can get away with playing on a lot more but managed to play on the obstacle course without any funny looks because it was very high and quite dangerous so there wasn’t very many little little children in that area.

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How to get to cannon hall

From Barnsley there is a bus that will get you there.

Follow the brown signs from J37 and J38 From the M1

Cannon Hall Museum
Bark House Lane
S75 4AT

You Can find all the things that are at cannon hall with a huge list of events that take place there more often than not free here at the website. 



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