59 and counting ticked off the big list

Once i had taken off all the things i have done on my bucket list i was quite shocked at how many i had actually done! i have done lots of things in life and some may not have even been on my list so the items below are just from the ones off of my bucket list.

  1. PicMonkey Collagek Build a snowman.
  2. Drink champagne at the top of the Eiffel tower
  3. Drive Down Highway 101 (West Coast Highway)
  4. Gamble and win
  5. Get a tattoo 
  6. Go backpacking
  7. Go canoeing.
  8. Go Snorkelling
  9. go to Disney Land Florida
  10. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  11. Go to the toys r us in times square
  12. have a go at parasailing
  13. Have a photo shoot
  14. Hike through a Jungle
  15. Hike To a Waterfall
  16. Hold a crocodile (baby)
  17. Hold a turtle
  18. Hug a tree
  19. Hug a tiger
  20. Join a Gym
  21. Learn First Aid
  22. Make a rainbow cake
  23. Meet a celebrity
  24. Name a Star
  25. Own some channel makeup
  26. Plant a tree
  27. Read a full proper book
  28. Ride a jet ski.
  29. Ride a mechanical bull
  30. Ride a real bull
  31. Ride a train
  32. Ride a camel
  33. Ride in a bus
  34. Ride a tuktuk
  35. Ride in a Limousine
  36. River rafting bamboo
  37. Scuba dive
  38. See a Coral Reef
  39. See a meteor
  40. See a shooting star
  41. See an eclipse
  42. See an endangered species in their natural habitat
  43. See the Aurora Borealis
  44. See the Christmas Coca-Cola truck
  45. See the Eiffel Tower
  46. Shower in a Waterfall
  47. Sleep in an overnight train
  48. Swim with dolphins
  49. Try paddle bording
  50. Visit Alcatraz
  51. Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  52. Visit Universal Studios
  53. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  54. Walk along the whole of golden gate bridge
  55. Walk through Central Park in NYC
  56. Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later
  57. Graduate University 
  58. Make a rainbow Cake
  59. Climb the Sydney harbour bridge

Let me know in the comments below what you have done or would love to do ???



6 thoughts on “59 and counting ticked off the big list

      1. That good don’t matter how many you have done as long as you just keep doing them and one day you will have done everything you wanted to do. :) i go from doing lots in one go to doing none in months lol x x x


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