San Francisco |Photo Essay|

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San Fran had to be one of the best places in America i loved it and i would gladly go back and do it all again plus more, the only thing i didn’t like was the hills because obviously San Fran isn’t known for its hills…. me and hills just don’t go very well together but the scenery from all areas has to be a plus. One of highlights of my trip in SF was going to Yosemite national park absolutely breath taking views things you see in american movies there’s just something about NP in the U.S. that’s so much better than the UK. One more thing that is a must is Alcatraz if you’ve been to SF and not been to Alcatraz then you have missed out on an amazing bit of history!!!! i did everything on tourist must do list when in SF but still feel i missed out on some things but one day i will re visit.

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Have you been to San Fran ? what was your best bit about it ? comment below. 



2 thoughts on “San Francisco |Photo Essay|

  1. I grew up about an hour north of SF in Santa Rosa. I loved visiting SF whenever I could. There is amazing lie music venues there, sights to see, touristy things to do, and amazing food. The prices could be a lot lower if I had my wish, but still an amazing place. Glad you enjoyed it!

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