Time in LA|Photo Essay |


I wont say i didn’t love LA but to me the expectations were much higher than the reality… i would go back but i would like to check out Santa Monica and Venice Beach. the tourist things to do were good im glad i got to do them, the walk of fame the Hollywood sign but your just slightly dis heartened because what you get in real life is nothing compared to what the movies show you, i did enjoy my time and im so glad ive been but i wish i had spent one of my days checking out a different area of LA rather than just Hollywood but after having a crap Hollywood homes tour the first day i spent another day doing all that again and i wont say it was a waste of time re doing the tour because i got to tick something off my bucket list that i thought would be near on impossible and that was meting a celebrity!!!! i met Janice Dickinson got a #selfie and everything it made it better because i knew who she was lol. Meeting a friend at Universal Studios was also a highlight of my trip :)

Check out more here.

Any one else been to LA or come from LA ? let me know what you think to it or places you think i should have gone to get a better feel of the place in the comments below :)  



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