Needed or not on my trip

I got asked to do a blog post about what i used in comparison to what i took for my trip to Egypt so i thought i would but the issue i have with this is as it was just a 12 day trip i packed rather light as it was so i used almost everything i had packed. i had even packed less clothing and this out of everything was the items i hadn’t used the most of, i pack in outfits as i find it stops me over packing clothing like 1 pair of shorts to go with 2 different tops so using this idea just by packing 5 outfits i have around 10 give or take a few… i had around 3 outfits that were not warn once beyond the clothing i actually used everything i had packed believe it or not if i was going for a longer trip im sure i would have packed lots of things that i wouldn’t use normal this would be make up, hair things and bath products but i really did well scaling down and taking just everything that i would need.

Sorry for how poor this post is but i do like try and do blog posts that people have asked for and i turned out the things i didnt use were majority clothing and nothing else really.

To check out just what i packed click here now! let me know if you could do 12 days with more or less than i did ?

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