Were off to Edinburgh |Day 1|

Day 1 started with a long 5 hour drive to Scotland with a few short stops on the way including a stop at the border between England and Scotland, this was just like a truck stop with a burger van and a big sign with the Scottish flag on it… Sounds ever so slightly crap but when your excited as me and my friend was it doesn’t matter we got out and took some pictures anyway.

Edinbrough 011

On passing up to Scotland i got to see something i wanted to see whilst i was at university for 3 years and never got to and that was the angle of the north! i have no picture a it was whilst we were driving but never the less i go to see it finally ticked off the list.♥

When we got to Edinburgh we checked into our hotel we stayed in the Leith area just outside of the city centre and this made to hotel that bit cheaper the hotel we stayed at was called Adelphi and was just opposite a lovely park area (Leith link), it was a very quaint little hotel, very homely with everything you would need in your room and had original features inside. The bus stop just outside of the hotel took you straight into the city centre and took around 20 – 25 minutes depending on traffic of course.

We looked on Google for somewhere interesting to have a drink once we got there as it was later than planed and wasn’t too bothered about doing much we looked on a site with the best secret things to do in Edinburgh and we found a funky little cocktail bar called Panda & Sons it wasn’t too hard to find just off one of the streets on the main shopping street, it wasn’t a cheap place between me and my friend on 3 drinks each we spent nearly £50 but they were fun and amazing drinks and why not you save to do things like this why not live a little some times! It was all styled and decked out like a very elegant old style barber shop and upon entering you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was a cocktail bar having to go down stairs and through a door that was made to look like a book case added to the whole style and charm of the place.

PicMonkey Collage

But after a long day travelling and 4 drinks later if you include the first pub we found not too far from our hotel it had took its toll on us and we just wanted to get comfy and sleep, and what’s best after some classy cocktails… a big fat dirty kebab of course you can take the girls out of Yorkshire but you cant take the Yorkshire out of the girls!



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