Jam Packed |Day 2|

Our day 2 was absolutely jam packed trying to fit in as much as we possible could, we missed some of the things on our list but that’s just because we didn’t rush the things we did do we took our time and took it all in and it was all worth it for the things we did get to see.

Our first stop today was the zoo we wanted to be there for 10 but being lazy and all and hitting snooze on the alarm meant it was more like 10:30am still not too bad i don’t think, but it turned out going to the zoo early morning and mid week meant an empty zoo no people or very little it was amazing i must say i do think the animals there were very lazy they all seemed to be asleep and im not just on about the nocturnal ones! but the whole reason we went to the zoo was to see the pandas!!! Edinburgh Zoo is the only zoo in the UK with giant pandas and its the first time ive seen one in real life even if he was just walking around. Just to be fair and to point out there are many more amazing animals you can also see at the zoo too just take a look below on some of my pictures or click on the link to the website.


The next stop for us was the Edinburgh castle! we saw this the previous night from a distance all lit up and look pretty but up close it was even better the architecture in this amazing city was breathtaking every turn was something better than the last and the castle been the best inside and out touring the whole grounds and seeing the the Scottish crown jewels. From the top of the castle you all so got some all right views of the whole city below you ok they were some really good views just another reason to see this special, unlike the zoo the city centre was however not quite and was a busy hustle and bustle city centre as you would imagine.


The last thing we did today apart from get a little drunk and head back to the hotel to watch crap on tv and eat cookies was The Real Mary King’s Close Walk this is walk all underground on the old streets of Edinburgh from the 17th Century it was an amazing learning experience and pretty cool too ive never done anything like that before and its worth going to do the walk is about 1 hour long and you have a guide with a group no bigger than 10, its not hard to find too just head down the road from the castle and you will see like a little shop with all the info right there.

i will go into more details about things to do prices and where about in my last blog post all about Edinburgh.



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