Until Next time Edinburgh |Day 3|

So this was our last and final day in beautiful Edinburgh and just as a matter of fact 3 days was not enough time to spend in such an amazing city with so much to do but im sure i would like to visit again some time soon.

Today was mainly about shopping or with hopes of doing that but the city streets with all the shops at this time of year were so busy its unreal you couldn’t get to look at anything much and im sad to say this was one of my not so good ideas we could have spent what little time was left doing some more sight seeing as there was plenty left to do but nope i wanted to get some shopping done with it being time to start Christmas shopping and all that.. but in the end the only shopping we got done was survivor shopping, in the process we did find a really nice little pub that did amazing food to have a bite to eat before heading back to the car to set off on our journey back home.

Edinbrough 118

Our journey back home was a long one with us not setting off ll around 2pm ish and it being English winter time we were mainly driving in dusk but we did get to see an amazing sunset! and the sat nav took us a toll bridge on the way back it was trying to do us a favour by diverting us away from traffic but we would rather not pay £1.60 to go under a tunnel but on the plus side i got to drive past Middlesbrough the place i lived for 3 years whilst studying at, it always bring back such happy memory’s i would just love to go back there some time. Edinbrough 155



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