Things to know for Edinburgh 

Ok so this won’t be a very long blog post but I just thought I would share some helpful tips and things to know and do when in Edinburgh. Things like where they are, the price of things and obviously things you can do there so let’s get started.

I would normally start with how to get there but as we drove I can’t give you flight prices or train prices is that stuff all changes depending the time of booking and the date of travel. As we drove I can tell you from Yorkshire to Edinburgh it took a little under 5 hours and we made 3 stops but obviously this all depends on traffic.

The hotel would be the next place to start the hotel. It was called the Adelphi we shared a room between 2 of us for 2 nights and cost £27 each so £54 all together for a very nice hotel in leith with amazing original features and free tea and coffe making facility’s in your room. This hotel had a really nice park view and within good location to major bus stops into the city centre its self.

Moving nicely on would be transport and the bus In particular as I said above we had a bus stop to the city centre just outside our hotel and depending on traffic into the city this would take around 20mins give or take. A good thing to know is on all buses here a single ticket anywhere is £1.50 and a day pass anywhere is £4!!! They are really good prices considering how many time you will most probably get on a bus in a day if you know you have a busy day defiantly get the £4 day ticket it’s worth it. Another good thing to know about this is you must have CORECT CHANGE! As you won’t get any change back so if your getting a single make sure to have some 50p on you.

Some things to do in Edinburgh:

All of the obove list is things we did do or would do next time one of the things I wanted to really check out was the museum of childhood but we ran out of time sadly but I’m sure next time I will be able to see it. The last 3 things on the list are all in the same area so we got to see them and same with the top 4 they are all in the same area as the castle so can easily be done in the same day.


An extra tip to know for anyone visiting Scotland, England and Wales bring a fold up bag or something that you can put your shopping in as you will be charged 5p unless it’s a paper recycled one as it is government law to charge for plastic bags now!!!

I hope some of this helps, let me know if you have been to Scotland and what you did and liked about it below in the comments? I loved the beautiful architecture the most!

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