Gift Guide for Travel Lovers

So as a travel lover there are lots of things to do with travel that i would like to get to help out with trips or that i would really like for a trip. So here is a list of items i have come up with that i think any travel lover would like to receive as a gift… Besides money.

Now i know as a traveller that the number one thing i would like to get as a gift any time of the year in money, but its not always fun and not everyone likes to give money, i like to pick things that i need or want for a trip that way its something useful and something to unwrap. This list is all unisex as when it comes to travel its not just male or female.

Bigger Budget

  • For someone who has a large budget or is combining gifts a good gift i think any active traveller would love would be a GoPro. The price range for GoPro’s start from £409.99 for the newest out on the market, to the cheaper one good for beginners and new travellers at £109.99. Not only could this be an amazing main gift but you can buy an array of accessories to go with it, perfect for stocking fillers or collaborating gifts with other people.For new starters you can get big bundles of accessories from Amazon starting from £10, perfect for testing what accessories do what and to see what you would use.

(In one of my next blog posts i will be doing a give away with one of the bundles from Amazon so make sure to check back!)

For the website click here.


  • Suitcase or bag pack, so if the person your buying for is planning a long trip away they may not have the luggage they are wanting. Giving them a suitcase or bag pack would be a pretty big deal, just make sure to find out what they would prefer, as i know after using a bag pack that I’m a suitcase kind of girl.

Check out somewhere like sports direct for discounted but good quality bag packs. For suitcases you can find them all over the place all year round but my suggestion would be a hard shell, ultra light and a 4 wheeled one is its much better to trek around with.

Lower Budget

I am classing lower budget as things under £100

  • Every traveller should have at least one camera and when on a long haul trip you will need somewhere to store them. So not only would a spare memory card be a good idea but also some sort of portable hard drive this can then hold all sorts of things, from photos and videos taken but spare documents or movies to watch on the, if they take a laptop or the right cables of course. Getting a waterproof case or bag for this to go in would also be a great idea as an additional gift.

Gift vouchers/Gift cards. I’ve put this in the lower budget price range rather than the stocking fillers as travel gift vouchers can be more costly than an everyday £10 shopping card. You can get them from all sorts of travel shops to buy their own items or travel agents for tours and activity’s. Such as a day ticket to a theme park in the country they are going to or  Entry ticket to a building or a show, you will be surprised how many places offer the choice of giving the activity or entry as a gift option. For travel activity vouchers check out STA Travels.


Stocking fillers

With stocking fillers you can get a lot more creative. I class stocking fillers as gifts £10 and under, so as in extra little gifts or for in the stocking. Luckily for travellers a lot of the accessories things for travel are £10 and under so this works out well.

  • Silicone travel bottles are amazing, i wanted some for ages but couldn’t get any cheap ones as they were still fairly new but not any more. This i personally think would be an awesome little stocking filler for anyone who not only, is a traveller but loves to go on weekends away. For anyone not sure they are travel bottles made of silicone material, so no more hard plastic wasting product you can use every last drop from your bottle. Click on the link below for cheap ones.

Cheap ones here. 

Other good stocking fillers that can all be found cheaply at Amazon or Ebay would be things like:

  • Packing cubes
  • Storage belts/clothing
  • Microfibre towels
  • Document wallets
  • Passport covers
  • Luggage tags
  • Headphones
  • Waterproof bags/ cubes

What would you like to get for Christmas this year? let me know what your dream gift would be in the comments below. 

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