Scuba Diving

Something that I’ve always wanted to do in my life is try Scuba diving when I first wanted to I can remember been told I was too young and I got over the idea, when I then had an horrific accident in the sea whilst snorkelling I decided it was something I would never want to do I just never wanted to go in the sea again. but with time I slowly began to love the sea again and when on a family holiday the opportunity came around to try scuba diving and I loved it!!!


I loved the fact that its nothing like snorkelling, you can breath and sea much more amazing things whilst feeling safe. So when I went to university a course came up what was cheaper than normal to get my PADI diving licence now unfortunately I never finished this due to not wanting to freeze to death in the English waters, but I still learnt everything needed and did all the paperwork needed so if I ever did want to re do my PADI I feel I would know enough to get it done quick.  But for now I’m quite happy just doing it as and when an activity requires it rather than re doing my PADI.



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