Venice on a budget

In my 5 days off from work me and one of my best friends decided to plan a little trip, all sorts of places were looked into around Europe but in the end we decided on Venice, Italy a place iv been wanting to go to for a while now, the idea of Venice sinking before i got a chance to visit scares me, i’m most defiantly exaggerating but the idea still stands it could happen. As much as a well earned brake was needed i still wanted adventure and Venice is defiantly the place for that.

We managed to get return flights and a hotel in quite a central place for 4 nights at just over £200 each on the internet, that was the easy bit, so soon after Christmas with over spending our pockets were shall we say more than empty but we managed to scrape £100 together being paid just in time this gave us €130 to spend on food, drink, gifts, travel and anything else. This doesn’t give you much when everything is so much more in Euros a meal being on average €12.

Transport Tips

We arrived at Venice around 7pm and after a bit of research before we set off i had found that the bus from the airport to Venice with no stops in between to the train station for €8 each with just a short walk to the hotel this is a lot cheaper than a water bus or water taxi for traveling to Venice on budget if your hotel is in walking distance from the bus park or train station. Our hotel was called Hotel Atlantide its wasn’t an impressive hotel but it was in good location our room was clean and had free wifi.

Food Tips

We decided to have one main meal on an evening and have treats during the day to save us money and this seemed to work for us, we had a coffee and a muffin once we were up at around €4 each and managed to last until around 5pm for our evening meal. We had bought a large bottle of pop and water each for walking around with and in the room to save buying drinks whilst out. If you go out of the way of the main areas you can get very large margarita pizzas for €7 i had one on my own but this could easily be shared between 2 and a simple pasta meal for €9 to €12 anything more and more tourist places you are talking €12 and up. This applies to treats like Gelato and pastries and there is a lot of them so you will want to try some! stick to non tourist places and you can get amazing goodies for as little as €1.20 we managed to get 6 things each as treats over the 4 days on our budget. We had a splurge night where we had our main meal plus desert, bottle of wine to share and 1 cocktail this was around €40 each instead of buying something like a mask or other gift or paying to get into things.

Extra Tip

We only took hand luggage but managed to fit in a tube of Pringles and some sweets to snack on in the room to save money buying snaks once we were there. If its possible for you to do this i would recommend doing so.

Average cost 

Transfers both ways = €16 

Food per day Average = €15

Drinks per day Average = €5

Extra things like Gifts, Splurge, admission tickets or water bus = €40

                                                                                                          Per day = €10



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