Getting lost in Venice

I’m not planning to talk about the first day of my trip as it was mainly travel because we didn’t set off from England until late.

On our first full day in Venice we decided to the best thing when in Venice and just get lost, we walked around not knowing where we were headed just hoping to find some picture perfect spots and believe me we did every corner has a beautiful canal and Venetian building perfect for photos, its even better when that corner is a quite one to get a picture with out people. After hours of walking around we stumbled across St. Marks square now we hadn’t planed to go there until the next day so we just had a stroll around and carried on walking to see what else we could find.

One thing we did find all over St. Marks square was people dressed up in masks and Venetian costumes we soon released with out any planning we had come during the carnival! all the people dressed up were outstandingly beautiful, costumes were of the best quality it just made the whole place that much more magical.

PicMonkey Collagelk

We didn’t start our day until 12pm but walked around until 6pm getting more lost on our way back to the hotel and trying to find somewhere for food near to where we were staying, we found a lovely little restaurant by the canal own by this extremely lovely and friendly old man the meal size was huge and cheap costing around €12 for a big margarita pizza, a can of pop and some french fries to share and it was delicious may i add. We headed back to the hotel now cold and slightly tired we made one stop to get a beautiful looking pastry that were tempting us all over and we decided on a cannoli  and my god it was the best i now love them i must find a place to buy them in the UK.

Hotel – Alantide

Budget – €10 to €20

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