Exploring Venice

On our second day we went looking for the bridge of sighs, we had seen this the previous day but me being me i wanted to get on to it but apparently you cant so really we basically ended up doing what we did the day before check that out hear but we did however find the  Rialto Bridge not as impressive as it is in the pictures as it was having work done on it so not so good for pictures, no matter where i go in the world there is always one thing i want to photograph and is under construction! Anyway we did basically get lost again but we did get to see some different things this time.

This evening we decided to have a splurge and have a lovely meal with a bottle of wine, as we were staying in a less tourist area the meal was a lot cheaper than what it would be if you were to eat in a much more tourist area.

PicMonkey Collagek

On our third day our last full day of doing things we decided to head for the  Santa Maria della Salute as we had seen the previous day but had no clue how to get to it but this time we were set with google maps to find our way there, with some stops on the way such as the Ca’ d’Oro and Gallerie dell’Accademia among other places we just took a route making sure to stop off at places of interest you could do this with lots of routs to get to any finish destination.

PicMonkey Collageb

best to

Spizzico – tenazoni cafe cheapest place to get a coffee and a muffin to start your day right next to the Sephora near the train station.

the best place to get some alcohol is the Hawaiian cocktail/smoothie bars dotted around the place.

to get some cheap and good food try anywhere outside of the tourist trap areas! try some fresh made pasta or a baked from scratch pizza.



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