Why i Prefer Solo Travel

Before i say why i prefer solo travel i just want to say i don’t not like group travel or traveling with friends because i do like it, there is times that it can be a comfort when your in a completely different country that doesn’t speak your language, you get to create amazing memories together, make new friends build on already formed friendships. You have people to do things with, keeping each over company, getting lost is fun and not to mention you have someone to take your photo instead of using a selffe stick.

The reason i like traveling solo is because it brings out the best in me, i am a different person when i travel solo i’m more outgoing, i’m brave, i make new friends so easily, i suddenly have an ability to read maps and i do what i want to without having to take other people thoughts and ideas into consideration. I think i like it so much is because i become the person i want to be in every day life. i do things that im not scared to do and things that i am scared to do if i was traveling with people i take what they are thinking into mind like in a strange place on a night we shouldn’t go out, where when im on my own i take into consideration the area i am in to decide if i think i should go out at night, not just dark equals danger don’t go out!

Group travel isn’t like that you are with people to go out on a night and not be scared and you can do what you want as well as do things with your new found friends but you don’t really have time to think, be on your own you spend every single day with them.

I like doing all types of travel but when it comes down to it i prefer solo travel being the best person i can be doing the things i want to do spending time finding myself, having time to think meeting all types of new people. If i had a second choice i would pick group travel with new people because i still get to be that person i want to be doing what i want making new friends the only down side is not having time to spend on your own to think and take note of everything.

Let me know what you favorite type of travel is ? Solo, Group or with friends ???



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