Make up Dilemma

What to take on a long haul trip when it comes to make up… This is a hard one for me as second to travel my love is make up! Now i don’t where it every single day but i do like to look different on night out to days and i still love playing around with it spending a large amount of money on it and i have a rather large collection, so what to take ? what would i need ? what wont i need ??? the last trip i went on for 2 months i didn’t take much at all and after using it twice on the trip it still felt like i took too much of it with me but a long haul trip not knowing when your coming back and working out there that is a different matter.

I think if it was me i would take my every day make up (even though i don’t where it everyday) so for me that would be:

  • foundation
  • finishing powder
  • blusher
  • bronzer
  • highlighter
  • day lipstick
  • lip liner
  • small mascara
  • eye liner
  • eye brow set (pencil, powder, setting)
  • everyday makeup brushes for the above

Now for a lot of people that probably is a lot to have as an everyday make up bag but that is mine as like i said i love my make up, i would also take my naked 1 and naked 2 eye shadow palate as they are my go to eye shadows for day and night and you would have a selection of 12 eye shadows that range from highlight to smoky colors in each pallet to chose from.

Now like i said before the main reason i use make up is to look different when going out day or night so with all of the above being mainly day style make up the basic things i feel like i would need some night make up such as a night lipstick, some glitter for your eyes if that’s your thing. I would do my favorite night looks and seeing what things extra i used and add them to the set, i do my favorite looks a lot so it would work out good for me.

But wait what about perfume and nail polish ? i mean surly its just not necessary but i know i like to do my nails and i like to smell nice, i think i would pick three of my favorite nail polishes to take then i have a choice and as for perfume i think i would take one full bottle on a smaller scale and maybe a body spray just to mix it up a little i also have one of those perfume atomizer travel things so i would fill that up with my favorite night perfume and i think then i have a nice selection to chose from and mix up.


let me know if you have had to decide what to take on a long hall trip when it comes to make up and what you decided was a good amount to take ?



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