Birthday Celebrations Turning 23!

Turning 23 isn’t all its cracked up to be, at this moment in time i feel like time is running away from me and nothing is getting done off my list, so much to do and so little time. I felt rather down the day of my birthday for no apparent reason just a down day i guess, but as the week went on i felt much better about the whole thing celebrating with good friends! 

After having a big prosseco drinking night with one friend and getting rather tipsy, the next day i met up with an old friends from university (we have these meet ups regular) and met up for some lunch, where i live in England we have a Tacobell… i only live in a small town this is an amazing thing to have when city’s near me don’t even have one! so i took my friend there so she could try it, i do love taco-bell but as a treat.

Bakewell Tart & Popscotch Desert Cocktails.

After a long day of catching up and shopping we then went to try a new Tapas and Cocktail bar we have in town… and can i just say i think i have found a new love in food i love having ll different things in small portions to chose from but the tapas was amazing it tasted so scrumptious!!! and the cocktail weren’t too bad too i guess ;)

Patatas Bravas, Hummus with hot sauce, Chorizo in honey sauce, Halloumi cheese with chilies, Camembert cheese with cranberry’s & Spicy Meatballs.

If anyone knows where they think the best place to eat tapas is apart from Spain please let me know i absolutely loved it i just want more !!!



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