£3 5 in 1 Beauty Cleaner/Massager to the TEST!

So ive been wanting to try the clarasonic or something like it for like the longest time ever you guys but its just not in my budget and i can always find better things to spend my money … but i found this on Amazon with free P&P coming in at a total budget of £2.99 and no there is not a zero missing you heard me correctly 1p short of £3 what a steel if it works. I have put it to the test carry on reading to find out the results.

This is a 5 in 1 beauty massager it takes 2 AA batters and comes like it says with 5 different heads you can change its small and compact has a high and low setting and look for the most part well worth the money. the battery seal is not water tight so you will not be able to use it in the shower or bath but would work with water over the sink.

the 5 heads are as follow:

  1. Crude polish accessory – like a pummy stone i think
  2. latex soft sponge for eye and cheek
  3. make up sponge to massage and clean your skin
  4. rolling massager
  5. soft brush to clean your skin

So the first one is clearly not for your face so im not even going to test it there but i will test it on my feet and let you know if its any good like that. On feeling the heads before using them properly apart from number one they all feel really soft and i feel ok to try them all on my face.

So the first thing ive done is put my every day make up on to give the soft brush cleaner the real test.

After adding face wash I used the soft face brush and adding light pressure let it do its thing it worked quick and well and my face felt amazing after, I wouldn’t use this everyday as its not extremely soft but as a deep clean once or twice a week I would defiantly recommend it.  I think I would still like a clarasonic as its obviously going to be better quality but for now I’ll stick to this it’s cheap and and dose the job. 



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