I’m Moving to New Zealand

So iv’e been keeping quite a big secret, as you have probably figured it out from the title yes i’m moving to New Zealand. Its been so hard to keep it on the down low for so long (6 months)  iv’e wanted to do blog post after blog post about my next big adventure but couldn’t and hence the reason why iv’e done so few posts lately :( sorry about that…. but all that is going to change, as i said on my last blog post i have quite a lot planned.

i will go more into depth on my next post about everything but ill give you my basic itinerary now as i’m doing a little bit of traveling before i get there.

UK > South Africa > Singapore > Australia > New Zealand

Now it is only a 1 year working holiday visa that i have for New Zealand but it still counts as moving to live and work in another country, i have no return ticket and have no plans of coming back to the UK in the near future, i have enough money saved to apply for another year in New Zealand if i wish if all goes well and to try living and working in other countries on the same basis like Australia and/or Canada, i’m also wanting to do yet more travel in between going to thees countries. Don’t worry i’m not planning to break in laws or rules about over staying or anything but you just never know what opportunity’s other countries have in store for you.

I am doing this Solo again, i will be meeting up with good friends in New Zealand hopefully at the end of November time and hopefully spend Christmas together, I’ve never been away for Christmas or new years without family before and same with my birthday and doing this solo i am scared that i will get upset on thees days being on my own potentially and all, but hopefully Christmas wont be too bad with friends :)

There is now a little under 3 months until i set off on this amazing adventure, so the next 2 months consist of work, work, work and the last month is time to spend with good friends and family.

Check out my trip planning now:



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