South Africa Trip Planning

My first stop on my trip is South Africa i will be there for 3 weeks doing Cape Town and the Garden Route. 1 week Cape Town 2 weeks Garden Route.

I am beyond excited when it comes to South Africa and i have a jam packed 3 weeks there doing all sorts of crazy, wild, amazing things ill be managing to tick off quite a lot of my bucket list here if i go through with all that’s planned that is. Some are pre paid for others are just booked and pay for when i get there, to list a few things there is:

  • Abseiling table mountain
  • Walking with lions
  • Shark cage diving
  • Going on a safari
  • Bungee jumping
  • Paragliding

I’m doing a load more than that but i don’t want to spoil all the fun but they are the main ones i’m really looking forward to and scared of the most!!!

I am using the Baz Bus to get around the garden route and the city tour buses to get from a to b in Cape Town Both are cheap and easy ways to get around with out having to drive and come highly recommended from bloggers and my travel company.

The plan is as follows, spending a few nights in each town to do the things i want to do –

Cape Town > Mossel Bay > Oudtshoom > Willdeness > Plettenberg bay > Storms River > Port Elizabeth > Cape Town

I don’t want to tell you a detailed itinerary of what ill be doing because ill be doing blog posts whilst im there so you will just have to wait for all that hehe.

Now i’m not sure how to do this i will be blogging when i’m there but i’m not sure weather or not to do daily, weekly or posts for every different place i go as i will be doing a lot of things and wanting to talk about how it was and price and where to book it so i don’t want my blog posts to be too long. I’m thinking every different place mixed with daily ones? let me know what you think?

Any suggestions of places to eat, see drink and thing to do are welcome just comment below. :)

Check out my next stops on this trip:

  • Singapore 
  • New Zealand 




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