Long term life goals 

There are lots of things you should be doing right now and should be planning to do. The adventure can’t last forever, can it ? I don’t want to stop until I’ve done everything on my bucket list, but some of the things on that list are the things we are expected to do by society.

The majority of my list is adventure, thrill seeking, fun and basically how I want to live my life, but at some point that will all end and mundane life will take over, however, that shouldn’t stop you. You can make your day to day life a bit of a bucket list too, instead of just living and existing buying a car, buying a house, paying off student loans and mortgages.

Turn them into dreams, challenges if you will don’t just buy any old house or car buy your dream one or even better build your dream home, make an old car a labour of love.

Everyone has a warped reality of life that it should be to just live to work, to pay bills go on a holiday once a year to complain about how crap life is how bad the weather is. This isn’t how it should be at all, we should be working to live, traveling the world seeing new places all the time, making what we have the best.

Hears my top 10 list of things to do in your 20’s and 30’s

Travel the world while you have no commitments.

Buy an old car and make it a labour of love doing it up.

Find a job that can become a career you love to get up for in the morning.

Save your money to do all the things you want to do in life.

Buy your dream home or even better build your dream home.

Have fun living and still paying off your mortgage and/or student loans.

Find a hobby and build on it, go to classes or put it to some use for extra funds.

Make a realistic bucket list for your life, make it a goal to tick so many off per year.

Spend time with your family and loved ones, no tomorrow is promised.

Live every day as you want to live it, we only have the one life when it’s over that’s it.

If your thinking of putting any of the above into practice check out your net worth to start making the first day of your life the best of your life. Plan for the future, get your retirement money in order, plan for paying back loans, once all the money things are sorted it’s all up to you to start dreaming big.


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