New Zealand trip planning 🌏✈️

So far my last stop will be New Zealand for 1 year, living and working and hopefully really exploring all that the beautiful country has to offer. 


I have a few things booked and in place, open dated of course to do when I’m there I have no set plan of what I want to do just yet but I know I wanted to pay for the activities I wanted to do.

Some of the activities are:

  1. Sky walk on the Auckland tower
  2. Glow worm caves
  3. Hobbiten
  4. Skydive
  5. Nevis canyon swing
  6. Fox glacier hike with helicopter

There is a lot more that i really want to do but i didn’t want to book everything in advance as you never know what could happen or who you could meet up with to do things with.


Back to the start, i have a 1 year working holiday visa for New Zealand. The basic plan is to find somewhere to live and work once i get there so i have somewhere to call home for over the Christmas period fingers crossed this works out as i don’t fancy being in a hostel for over Christmas. I don’t have a set plan but i would like to do some travel after this and then find another area to live and work for a few month before going back to traveling.

Work > Travel > Work > Travel

I’m thinking Auckland and Queens Town are my best chance at finding work. I would also like to spend summer and winter in Queens Town because there is lots of things to see and do in both seasons and that way i get to see the scenery in both seasons too, win win i think that’s called.


My main mode of transport to get from A to B is the Kiwi Experience and i got a good deal on the whole kit and caboodle trip this basically goes everywhere. Right to the top and right to the bottom. I’m also wanting to maybe, hopefully renting a car or a camper to get to the places that the bus doesn’t go to like the little towns and things like that. The only small tiny issue with this is, 1 i have never driven in a different country before, 2 i may be on my own, and 3 the last time i drove a car was my test :/ i did pass though. Hopefully i will get some refresher lessons or something in before i go.


I am really not sure as to what i want to do for work or what will be available when i’m there, i know the things i wont like to do but a job is a job and i’m going to need one to live there for the whole amount of time i want to, and to do extra things i want to if i want to continue traveling after New Zealand… So if anyone reading this wants to give me a job in or around Auckland in November that would be amazing or Queens Town in say May – June time even better!

Comment if there is anything i should think about doing whilst i’m there or places to see and work different to what i’ve put above.

Check out my stops before this:



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