Starting a bullet journal 

I’ve decided to start a bullet journal for when I go on my trip so that I can keep a diary of sorts for daily, weekly and or monthly so there’s not much I can show until I’m away and start writing in that bit. This is so I can write things acutely on my blog and talk about the thing I want to in both my blog and vlogs.

So far I’ve done a yearly calendar (added the wrong yearly date but I was tired) I also spelled a lot of things wrong due to being extremely tired after work. I’ve also done my bucket list in there, a goal tracker and a mood tracker. I’ve also added a contacts list for all my people I want to keep in touch with.

I’ve done the above pages so that I can keep on track without forgetting to keep up with my 100 days goals and to see how my mood changes whilst I’m away to now. This way I have reasons to keep going back to my journal to keep writing my entry’s for my personal diary and for you guys on my blog and YouTube.

Anyone got any tips or ideas for bullet journaling ?


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